26 Words to use with startings

"But we have something to go upon; a starting point for a new line of inquiry.

As the day wore on he ran with a greater fierceness, because he knew he would lose everything if he did not reach his starting place before the sun went down.

Each gondolier had suffered the bows of his boat to incline slightly towards the left shore of the canal, as the jockey is seen, at the starting-post, to turn his courser aside, in order to repress its ardor, or divert its attention.

" Quickly the two Captains brought their canoes out to the starting line and sat waiting for the shot from the starter's pistol.

The starting handle merely achieves this change of position.

These and hundreds of other cries and exclamations followed the report of the starting gun.

The wheels of the starting gear bumped over the thin-crusted snow and jolted through Timmie's wheat stubble, then the great bird began to rise.

And my instructions for this purpose, and my powers to treat and conclude thereupon, were signed by the king under his pocket signet, with blanks for me to put in the names of pope or princes, to the end the king might have a starting-hole to deny the having given me such commissions, if excepted against by his own subjects; leaving me as it were at stake, who for his majesty's sake was willing to undergo it, trusting to his word alone.

His cheek, which had not yet lost the freshness due to the mountain air, would, at times, become pale as that of the wilting flower near him; while at others, the blood rushed across his brow in a torrent that seemed to threaten a rupture of the starting vessels in which it so tumultuously flowed.

In side lever engines, with the starting bar hanging from the top of the diagonal stay, as is a very common arrangement, the valve might be wrought by leading a rope from the side lever of the other engine through blocks so as to give a horizontal pull to the hanging starting bar, and the bar could be brought back by a weight.

And this brings us back to our starting-pointDr.

The coxswain's command was immediately followed by others designed to work the boat back to proper starting-position.

"All ready?" "Ready," said Dab; and "The Jenny" glided gracefully away from the landing with the starting-push he gave her.

" I have come out, I have regained my couch, and I really did not hear the starting signal when the train began to move.

This was at her instance; he was standing aside, not expecting to be counted in, though he had broken off his game of solitaire, and driven the balls up to the starting-stake, as they came out upon the ground.

1 shows the starting station.

Walking with her husband and son that last lovely evening before the regiment left, a hand of each clasped in her own, she strove very hard to keep up the gaiety of appearances, tried with all her might to keep back the starting tears, steady the lip that quivered, the hands that trembled locked in theirs.

Indeed, a half-drunken burgher who spoke fair English, and who, because he had once lived in America, insisted on taking personal charge of our affairs, was constantly bustling in to say he had arranged for carriages and horses; but when the starting hour cameat five o'clock on Monday morningthere was no sign either of our fuddled guardian or of the rigs he had promised.

A man banged with a stick on a piece of metal by way of a starting-bell, and we set off on our journey to cloudland.

You may travel the country and not see such another string of horses. Give us a starting bid.

At the same instant the starting bomb boomed out.

In West's system, however, where the slabs are keyed course to course, any kind of transverse tie to be used during the process of construction, except that used in the starting course, is entirely dispensed with, and the courses of slabs above depend solely upon the courses of slabs below them for their stability and rigidity up to the time that the plastic filling-in has been deposited and become hard between both faces of the wall.

Myrvin raised him from the arms of his mother, and bore him to the nearest couch, and Mrs. Hamilton wiped from his damp brow the starting dew.

The starting effort on such heavily laden sledges is very heavy, but I thought the grip of the pattens and studs would have been good enough on any surface.

If the starting field had been a scene of confusion the day before, it was a veritable chaos now.

26 Words to use with  startings