10 Words to use with statement

N. C. R. statement book no. 35. R70605.

Basic financial statement analysis © 18Jun42; A165177.

National Cash Register Co. (PWH); 18Dec61; R287157. <pb id='317.png' /> Department records, including profit and loss statement cost method.

SEE Lithographed bank statement folder R67939.

For this statement justification will be given hereafter.

By the two former statements man is stripped of all the grander prerogatives and characteristics of personality; by the last he is placed as freight, whether dead or alive it were hard to say, in the hold of the self-steering ship, "Society."

That which I have numbered (1) turns on the ambiguity of the word "same," for a discussion of which I would refer Dr. Stirling to a great hero of "Aufklärung" Archbishop Whately; statement number (2) is, in my judgment, absurd, and certainly I have never said anything resembling it; while, as to number (3), one great object of my essay was to show that what is called "materialism" has no sound philosophical basis!

The two statements conflict.

Doubtless they firmly believed what they said; for as already stated, the jealousies and rivalries among the backwoods leaders were very strong; but the burden of proof, after thirty years' silence, rested on them, and they failed to make their statements goodnor was their act a very gracious one.

An abstract, with some traditional statements interwoven, is given by Haywood; the journal itself, with some inaccuracies, and the name of the writer misspelt by Ramsey; and in much better and fuller shape by A. N. Putnam in his "History of Middle Tennessee."

10 Words to use with  statement