48 Words to use with steamboats

When the remains arrived in St. Paul they were met at the steamboat landing by a large number of citizens and escorted to Masonic hall, where they rested till the time of the funeral.

Over eighty different steamboat lines use the docks and quays.

"Your captain arrived when the steamboat men were dining with me," Montgomery resumed.

He imagined the steamboat captain had meant to give them coal, since the man had agreed with Brown about the price.

" "Yes," chimed in Jack, "I've noticed whenever Aunt Rachel takes up the newspaper, she always looks first at the deaths, and next at the fatal accidents and steamboat explosions.

After following the island a little farther down stream, we cast anchor in a hollow of the shore-line near the steamboat pier.

Look at our silent railway and horse-cars, steamboat-cabins, hotel-tables, in short, all our public places where people are thrown together incidentally, and where good-will and the habit of speaking combined would create an atmosphere of human vitality, quite unlike what we see now.

Every one knows the fund of humor possessed by a steamboat clerk, and what a field for display the table at meal-times affords.

We women revelled in the idea of the rich silks she would probably throw upon the beach, and the men thought a good job would be made by steamboat companies and wreck agents.

Close to the scar left by the thunderbolt were fragments of food, cruses of liquor and broken drinking-vessels, with a bass-drum and a steamboat signal-bell, of which, with pain, I learned the use.

When we landed at the steamboat-wharf in Washington, which is a mile and more from Pennsylvania Avenue, and in a remote part of the city, but few people had yet assembled.

It was a perfect June day and the hundreds of telegraphers from all parts of the country, with their families, spent the forenoon in a steamboat excursion around the city.

"Some months before the steamboat accident that shattered my nerves, and preceded the long illness, I was browsing at a bookstall, on my way up from college homeward, when I came across a copy of Charlotte Templeone of the dozen later editionsprinted in New York by one R. Hobbs, in 1827, its distinguishing interest lying in a frontispiece depicting Charlotte's flight from Portsmouth.

To the Florida tourist it is important as lying at the head of steamboat navigation on the St. John's River, which here expands into a lakeLake Monroesome five miles in width, with Sanford on one side, and Enterprise on the other; or, as a waggish traveler once expressed it, with Enterprise on the north, and Sanford and enterprise on the south.

He was the keeper of a house of entertainment for emigrants in one of the down-town tributaries to Broadway, where tickets could also be had for California and most other parts of the world, at an advance of not more than one-third on the rates charged at the regular steamboat-offices.

We ought not to reverence the blind recklessness which sits on the safety-valve during a steamboat-race, but the cool composure which neither underrates a danger nor shrinks from it.

We broke up an old steamboat shaft and bored out the pieces so's they'd take a six-pound shotbut we wasn't goin' to give up.

On the Alabama and other rivers, efforts are being made to restore the steamboat fleets to their former magnitude.

The steamboat frigate is 160 feet long, 40 wide, carries her wheels in the centre like the ferry-boats, and will move six miles an hour against a common wind and tide.

Here I found assembled a motley assemblage of citizens, negroes, steamboat-hands, and the general riff-raff of the place.

He afterwards went to Europe to promote his steamboat interests,to little purpose, wandered about a few years, settled in Bardstown, Kentucky, made a model steamboat with a brass engine, drowned disappointment in the drink of that country, and at last departed by his own will, two years before the close of the last century.

" It was a long steamboat journey, but at last they stopped at Eden.

Railway and steamboat development, and partition of the continent.

The ladies were little regarded in the hurly-burly of steamboat life.

The captain was there waiting for his business to begin, the clerk was in his office getting his books ready, the voice of the mate could be heard below, mustering the old crew out and a new crew in; for if steamboat crews have a single principle,and there are those who deny them any,it is never to ship twice in succession on the same boat.

48 Words to use with  steamboats