73 Words to use with strength

Numerous tables are included, showing the various strength values of many of the more important American woods.

Such, my lords, is the art of government discovered by the wonderful sagacity of modern statesmen; who have found out, that it is easier to palliate than to cure; and that the people maybe quieted by political soporificks, while diseases are preying upon them, while their strength decays, and their vitals are consumed.

You will find your strength return, and with it the desire of life.

The insurgents who were thus expelled from the city formed a nucleus around which the disaffected gathered; and as the party gained strength day by day, it harassed the little garrison and killed one of its number.

As his strength increases, however, the latter direction will be less and less necessary.

Their Number last he sums; and now his Heart Distends with Pride, and hardning in his strength Glories The Flash of Light which appear'd upon the drawing of their Swords: He spake: and to confirm his words outflew Millions of flaming Swords, drawn from the thighs Of mighty Cherubim; the sudden Blaze Far round illumin'd

And three you'll find will make an inch; Twelve inches make a foot;if strength Permit; I'll leap it and not flinch.

Nor soon he felt his strength decline, Or courage die away; But waged with death a lasting strife, Supported by despair of life.

Use curbs the snake and tiger, and doth train Fierce woodland lions to bear chastisement; And the young artist, all with toil forspent, By constant use a giant's strength doth gain

There was a sense of relief in this great frost; for when Nature puts forth her strength men are usually cowed thereby.

of the timbers used for building purposes is promised, which means a salvage of about $40,000,000 annually as a result of strength tests of southern yellow pine and Douglas fir.

Speed-strength moduli, and relative increase in strength at rates of fibre strain increasing in geometric ratio XVIII.

Dear Lord, Thy help I seek against this woe, These torments that my spirit vex and tire; Thou only with new strength canst re-inspire My will, my sense, my courage faint and low.

If you with all your strength care for her and love her, God will reward you, both in this present life and in the future with life eternal; and to do this with all the strength we have, we pray you, do it diligently, dearest brethren.'

As if by magic's changeful wand, Taste, beauty, order, strength combine; And shew a mighty master's hand

The fires within its strength consume; The heat without creates a gloom That from it will not part.

And, generally, from a conviction that we consider them as a part of ourselves, and cherish with sincerity their rights and interests, the attachment of the Indian tribes is gaining strength dailyis extending from the nearer to the more remote, and will amply requite us for the justice and friendship practiced toward them.

His illness increasing, and his strength decaying, he came from Bristol to Bath in a litter, in autumn, and lay at the Bell Inn.

thy strength defying, For my sport, I'll scorch thee yet!

He rushed to the window, and hurriedly surveying the grates, wrenched at them with a strength demoniac and superhuman, till the iron bars shook in their embedments.

74 His wounded men he first sends off to shore, Never till now unwilling to obey: They, not their wounds, but want of strength deplore, And think them happy who with him can stay.

When he had taken his place in the midst of a body of the patricians, pre-eminent above the rest, carrying as it were in his eloquence and bodily strength dictatorships and consulships combined, he alone withstood the storms of the tribunes and the populace.

The wind did not soon go down, it could not; neither could I with my utmost strength dive downwards through the piled-up, violent waves that still rushed and roared, bounded and snapped with wild force.

Two years before, in 1817, on the strength doubtless of Rogers's strong recommendation, Murray had made a very liberal offer for the new poems, and the copyright of all Crabbe's previous works.

You have conferr'd with spirits, and tane their aydes To make me weake, by them I am betraid, My strength drawne from me by a slight; What other meanes could hold me from the fight? Duke.

73 Words to use with  strength
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