39 Words to use with surprising

That's to help out on our surprise-party; it'll carry a ball farther an' with truer aim than any other piece in the fort, as I know, havin' had somewhat to do with all of 'em.

He had failed in his first surprise attack, and without surprise to help him now he was gone.

Surprise book no.

"There it is, the first of five surprise packages for our beloved Mars."

" So at one in the morning Major Harvey, with a launchful of his soldiers, paid a surprise visit to the Ruffling Harry, with the result that they picked up nothing more solid than a hempen cable floating at the moorings.

Surprise witness.

Kenneth S. Davis (A); 16Mar70; R480783. DAVIS, LAVINIA R. The surprise mystery, by Wendell Farmer, pseud.

Among Mr. Chamberlain's working associates, Mr. Powell Williams has been a sort of "surprise packet."

The surprise place.

(In All surprise comics, spring 1944) © 4Apr44; A5-132037.

Paddy's surprise visitor.

Do you know I have been laying plans for a surprise picnic for you andone other?

Surprise engagement.

We advanced with a rush that showed me I had surprised a surprise movement.

Surprise endings.

Surprise encounter.

At the end she found herself generally looking forward to meeting this young minister and his friends, who were evidently a little nest of surprise-people in what had indeed seemed a most unpromising corner of the world,perhaps the most unpromising corner that her nomadic wandering minstrel existence had brought her to.

A surprise plan.

Simple surprise object lessons.

The surprise box, by Arthur I. Gates & Celeste Comegys Peardon.

We thought it 'ud be a pleasant surprise fur ye.

She rose unsteadily to meet him, as he gave an exclamation of surprise andyespain.

Their khan, Shih-pi, made a surprise assault on the emperor himself, with all his following, in the Ordos region, and succeeded in surrounding them.

Mrs. Varley's was a surprise cottage; and this was in keeping with the scene in which it stood, for the clear lake in front, studded with islands, and the distant hills beyond, composed a scene so surprisingly beautiful that it never failed to call forth an expression of astonished admiration from every new visitor to the Mustang Valley.

The best chance for the aircraft was at the beginning of the war, when a surprise development might have had astounding results.

39 Words to use with  surprising