11 Words to use with swarm

The swarm spores of many algæ, as Stigeoclonium (figured in Sachs' "Botany").

" "Here they comelike a swarm o' bees!" yelled Barney.

This fashion, as not infrequently happens, emphasised a general tendency of the day; humanity turning to the swarm-idea.

That substance which is called erithacen, and is used to glue the cells together, is different from both honey and propolis: it is supposed to have a quality of attraction for bees and is accordingly mixed with bee balm and smeared on the branch or other place on which it is desired to have a swarm light.

Likewise in these great beehives where in every corridor swarm men of flesh and blood, it is the privilege of the government, whether of the State or of the United States, as the case may be, to see that human life is properly cared for, and that human lungs have something to breathe.

Sometimes when the flies are very bad and the cows are brought into the yard to be milked and a fresh swarm settles on them, they are nearly frantic; and though they are the best cows in New Hampshire, they will kick a little.

When saving a swarm sprinkle bees balm and beat cymbals (G. IV, 62: R.R. III, 16, 7 and 30).

"He who would sense the mustiness of this swarm-thinking, the night-sweat of a hallucinated people, should look back at the rites and beliefs of ancient history.

She is the sole female bee in the hive, and the swarm clings to her because she is their life.

Seeing your throng, to me a locust-swarm ye seem, Which, settling down, conceals the young green harvest-field.

And there was another mosque, sumptuously carpeted and lighted (which the Prophet does not approve of), where men prayed in the dull mutter that, at times, mounts and increases under the domes like the boom of drums or the surge of a hot hive before the swarm flings out.

11 Words to use with  swarm