9 Nouns for  sweets

9 Nouns for sweets

No sad vacuities [i] his heart annoy; Blows not a Zephyr but it whispers joy; For him lost flowers their idle sweets exhale; He tastes the meanest note that swells the gale; For him sod-seats ... 1815.

The lyre, on which herself enraptured hung, And bade thee through the world its sweets diffuse.

Yes; he who loved Shelley so well as I could not fail to hear the melody of "Music to hear, why hearest thou music sadly Sweets with sweets war not, joy delights in joy."

As some fair flowers, who all their bloom disclose, The Spanish Jas'min, or the British Rose? Arriv'd at full perfection, charm the sense, Whilst the young blossoms gradual sweets dispense.

The bulbul sits on every spray, And pours his soft melodious lay; Each rural spot its sweets discloses, Each streamlet is the dew of roses; And damsels, idols of the heart, Sustain a more bewitching part.

It is something to have at least tasted the cup, and perhaps it is better to turn with writhing lips from the bitter drop near the brim than, drinking it fairly out, to find its sweets pall on the palate, its essence cease to warm the heart and stimulate the brain.

Where deathless flowers, in everlasting bloom, May gales from Heaven with odorous sweets perfume; Whose fragrance still when man's last work is done, And hoary Time his final course has run, Thro' ages back, with fresh'ning power shall last, Mark his long track, and linger where he past!

The walk-in bakery, actually a takeout-sweets spot, is a fun walk-in.

And there with humble sweets contents her Industry.' (Cowley).