26 Words to use with sympathy

A writer in the Church Advocate, published in Lexington, Ky., says, "The poor negroes are left in the ways of spiritual darkness, no efforts are being made for their enlightenment, no seed is being sown, nothing but a moral wilderness is seen, over which the soul sickensthe heart of Christian sympathy bleeds.

'The Bondman' is the story of Esau and Jacob, though in my version sympathy attaches to Esau.

Parker crowded forward on sympathy bent.

My chief aim, however, will show itself to have been the mediating towards an intelligent and cordial sympathy betwixt my readers and the writers from whom I have quoted.

And I crept to the light, and the life, and the air, From the town of the man to the country of God! "'Twas in solitude, then, that there came to my soul The halo of comfort that sympathy casts; He was strong, he was brave, and, though centuries roll, I shall love that one man whilst eternity lasts!

Earthquakes and Thunder Diapasons make The Seas vast roare, and irresistlesse shake Of horrid winds, a sympathy compose; So in these things there's musicke in the close:

So swiftly does the acid of sympathy corrode and weaken the stoutest conscience, the most logical of minds!

No preference, no kinship, no sympathy counts here.

be the tribute paid Which sympathy demands, the patriot tear; While echo'd forth to thy remotest shade, Rebellion's menace sounds in every ear.

And, in verity, the dreadfulness of that time doth shake me now to think upon, and you also, if that you have gotten my tellings to your hearts, so that your human sympathy doth be with me.

Assuredly the Hebrew owes acknowledgment to her, and not George Borrow, with all his weird learning, enters more deeply into the Burden of Egypt; Browning's appreciation of the gypsy standing alone beside hers,Browning, between whose writings and her own a rich sympathy exists, both being so possessed of fulness.

Mrs. Egg heard the cook's sympathy explode above and leaned on the wall and thought of Adam coming home Wednesday night.

There are times in life when all men feel their sympathies extinct, and Lord Byron was evidently in that condition, when he penned these remarkable lines; but independently of their striking beauty, the scenery in which they were conceived deserves to be considered with reference to the sentiment that pervades them.

Greater events, whether of joy or sorrow, should be communicated to friends; and, on such occasions, their sympathy gratifies and comforts.

I done wrong in telling the secret, but yer sympathy jest twisted it outer me.

How quickly will a word, a tone destroy the well-maintained calmness of years; how strangely and suddenly will the voice of sympathy lift from the heart its veil.

November 24, 1890 DEAR LADY RUSSELL,I ought to have answered your kind letter before, for I value your sympathy moremuch morethan I can tell you in words.

The real reward of Literature is in the sympathy of congenial minds, and is precious in proportion to the elevation of those minds, and the gravity with which such sympathy moves: the admiration of a mathematician for the MECANIQUE CELESTE, for example, is altogether higher in kind than the admiration of a novel reader for the last "delightful story."

The American soldier is at no The idea of enlisting the sympathy pains to enlist the sympathy and and coöperation of the local coöperation of the people; and population is the strongest tenet his methods of discipline habits in the constabulary creed. of life, etc., make it practically impossible for him to gain them.

The actor suspected at once a dodge to secure a pass on the "sympathy racket," but allowing himself to be taken in he gave the boy a pass.

A reason for this is that the strongest instincts in children are those relating to self-preservation and the gratification of personal desires, hence selfishness, greediness, anger, and the fighting instinct are natural to the child, while generosity, good manners, respect for the rights of others, and sympathy require, in order to be properly developed, persistent effort and education.

al we would have to do was to put the glass in her mitt and say go to it, but some of the gazabos in the mob got a sympathy streak and let her have it.

You know how interested I am in this dear friend of yours, Emmeline," replied St. Eval, struggling with himself, and succeeding sufficiently to speak playfully; for he and Emmeline had contrived to become such great allies and intimate friends, that by some sympathy titles of ceremony were seldom used between them, and they were Eugene and Emmeline to each other, as if they were indeed brother and sister.

I've no sympathy wi' those who went aboot giving a white feather to every young man they saw who was no in uniform.

That sympathy alsoand consequently true, altruistic affectioncontinued to be wanting in their emotional life is indicated by the fact, also pointed out by Rohde, that "the most palpable mark of a higher respect," an education, was withheld from the women to the end of the Hellenic period.

26 Words to use with  sympathy