246 Words to use with tables

how it hurts!" He was pleating the table-cloth, swallowing as if his throat had constricted, and still rearing his head this way and that in the tight collar.

The torrid volcanic basin of Mono, with its one bare lake fourteen miles long; Owen's Valley and the broad lava table-land at its head, dotted with craters, and the massive Inyo Range, rivaling even the Sierra in height; these are spread, map-like, beneath you, with countless ranges beyond, passing and overlapping one another and fading on the glowing horizon.

" The preacher was coming over to supper one night, as he loved to do; and J.W. made up his mind to bring Phil's idea into the table talk.

The mangling process, which is simply passing them between rollers subjected to a very considerable pressure, produced by weight, is confined to sheets, towels, table-linen, and similar articles, which are without folds or plaits.

The objects exposed in the way of screens, pincushions, table-covers, and, in the spring, hats made by some of the ladies, were so appalling that I was glad to have poor clothes to fall back upon, but I don't remember his ever carrying my purchases home with me.

Pliny informs us that table-books of woodgenerally made of box or citron woodwere in use before the time of Homer, that is, nearly three thousand years ago; and in the Bible we read of table-books in the time of Solomon.

R73330, 24Jan51, John Taintor Foote, Jr. (C) FOOTE, LEWIS A. Adap-table system daily balance interest tables.

" "My table manners," he said.

On her table was her American typewriter; her desk and table-drawers were all methodically arranged.

Last time Lord Rye was there everybody had a present given them hidden in their table napkins.

Indeed, concealed under the walls she kept an old rusted table-knife, and by its aid it was her habit to push back the catch and so gain entrance, after reconcealing the knife for use on a future occasion.

, 4 dozen sultanas, a few slices of Savoy cake, sponge cake, a French roll, 4 eggs, 1 pint of milk, grated lemon-rind, 1/4 nutmeg, 3 table-spoonfuls of sugar.

We have also spoken of the table service of the thirteenth century (see chapter on "Private Life").

FOODS Properties of food Food elements Uses of food elements Proper combinations of food Proper proportion of food elements Condiments Relation of condiments to intemperance Variety in food Table topics.

When a group of returned stampeders came in, she sat down at a rough little faro-table, leaned her elbows on it, sipped the rest of the stuff in her tumbler through a straw, and in the shelter of her arms set the straw in a knot-hole near the table-leg, and spirited the bad liquor down under the board.

The outer walls of many of the house are painted with pictures of animals and birds, trees, pagodas and other fantastic designs, and scenes like those on the drop curtains of theatres, which appear to have been done by unskilled amateurs, and the whole effectthe colors, the gingerbread work and the tintsreminds you of the frosted cakes and other table decorations you sometimes see in confectioners' windows at Christmas time.

There was a lack of table ware; a dainty soul might not have liked the thought of spreading his butter on his bread with his thumb, as we had to do.

Gerome, J. L., as a table companion.

"This is an uncommonly heavy package," he remarked; "did I say table-spoons?" "Go on!"

Cumulative table key numbers covering volumes 101-160.

The occasion of his catastrophe was this: he had ascended so near the table rock, that his hands were upon it, and was lifting himself up, when, as his eyes came above the surface, the edge upon which his hands with most of his weight rested, gave way, and he started for the basin below.

There were chests, boxes, and trunks, the usual complement, bestowed in every corner, as they could best be got out of the way,a small, rough table, on temporary legs, and made, like the seats, to unship and be stowed,several other of the same canvas stools,a battered chest of drawers, at present doing the duty of a cupboard,some kitchen utensils, and a few articles of table furniture of the plainest delft.

The Nut Cream Butters are for table use also.

" Esther good humouredly reached for a table-mat, for the polish of this particular article of furniture was the pride of Aunt Amy's life.

The iron posts next to the sidewalk, which sustained the veranda, slid out, and the platform swung down like a table leaf, spilling everybody onto the sidewalk.

246 Words to use with  tables
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