9 Words to use with tablet

This rare tablet doth include Poverty with Sanctitude.

In Boston, at the head of Hull Street, Christ Church, the oldest church in the city, still stands, and bears a tablet claiming for its steeple the credit of the signals for Paul Revere; but the Old North Church in North Square, near which Revere lived and where he attended service, and from the belfry of which the lanterns were really hung, disappeared in the conflict it initiated.

It is built of brick, with stone facings; at the front there is a gable pierced with a doorway, flanked with two long narrow windows, and surmounted by a small one; above, there is a stone tablet giving to the name of the chapel and the date of its opening; on the left, calmly nestling on the roof, there is a sheet iron pipe; and on the ground, at the same side, there are some good stables.

"I read on the porch of a palace bold In a purple tablet letters cast, 'A house, though a million winters old, A house of earth comes down at last; Then quarry thy stones from the crystal All, And build the dome that shall not fall.'

The seventh tablet recounts how Ishtar descends to the underworld seeking some better way of attacking the hero.

"E'en all that on the tablet rests, In Erech's tower, the Su-bu-ri, The beautiful, with glorious crests, He wrote for far posterity.

Before these tablets sacrifices are offered.

Ur was one of the most ancient of the Chaldean cities and one of the most splendid, where arts and sciences were cultivated, where astronomers watched the heavens, poets composed hymns, and scribes stamped on clay tablets books which, according to Geikie, have in part come down to our own times.

No torch bearers and tablet scatterers were let loose in the streets.

9 Words to use with  tablet