65 Words to use with talked

(The Short talk bulletin of the Masonic Service Association of the United States, v.15, no.8, Aug. 1937)

" "Talk sense now, even if you are mad," returned Anderson, rising.

(Style talks series, v.1)

Shall we discuss politics or talk nonsense?" "Talk nonsense," Mr. Hebblethwaite decided.

Double-talk tales

"'I doan wanter talk ter no nigger,' says she, 'w'at be'n whip' fer stealin', en w'at gwine roun' wid sich a lookin' thing ez dat hung roun' his neck.

And though sometimes with talk impertinent And idle fances he would fame a mirth, Yet is it easie seene somewhat is heere The which he dares not let his face make shew of.

I ken that there's been a deal of talk aboot what we maun do for them that ha' done sae much for us.

An injudicious Poet would have made Adam talk thro the whole Work in such Sentiments as these: But Flattery and Falshood are not the Courtship of Milton's Adam, and could not be heard by Eve in her State of Innocence, excepting only in a Dream produc'd on purpose to taint her Imagination.

Shadrach talks turkey.

Lancelot was not yet past the era at which young geniuses are apt to 'talk book' at little.

When they had all gone, Mr. Wordley said: "We had better go into the library and talk matters over.

"Oh, we can get the wardrobe mistress for a chaperone, but why talk shop; and besides she gets a bun on and goes to sleep in a hamper, and we girls have to pack our own bundles, and if she got soused while chaperoning the mob it would take away the otherwise proper air of refinement and leave us open to the gibes and scoffs of those who were not so fortunate as to be invited to our houseboat.

Mr. Beauclerk, with happy propriety, inscribed under that fine portrait of him, which by Lady Diana's kindness is now the property of my friend Mr. Langton, the following passage from his beloved Shakspeare: 'A merrier man, Within the limit of becoming mirth, I never spent an hour's talk withal.

INGRAM, HAROLD E. Guide for talk planning.

The tidy, square, red cottage on the right hand, with the long, well-stocked garden by the side of the road, belongs to a retired publican from a neighbouring town; a substantial person with a comely wifeone who piques himself on independence and idleness, talks politics, reads the newspapers, hates the minister, and cries out for reform.

Talk facts, about China.

Chalk talk stunts; illustrated by the author.

But the talk was futileas most talk isand within a month from that time Ormond was on the ocean, headed for Africa.

You have nothing else to do at ["Talk kay" here written and scratched out] Torquay.

" Gee, didn't that Russian talk kopec and damski, and froth at the mouth.

and him only by me to make me not a stranger there, with talk of absent friends and old times, though scarce the long age of a college course had gone by,talk lapsing as of old on such rides into serious strains, problems such as the young talk of together and keep their secret, learning life,the troubles of the heart of youth.

"Humph! wa'al, if yer a'goin' te talk law I'll jes' tell yer quick thet this is my land and thet you're all a-trespassing.

It was a string-talk letter, that we'd learned the way of it from a blind beggar in the Punjab.

He was, in conversation, the nicest and most agreeable of men; "he was gay," says Joinville, "and when we were private at court, he used to sit at the foot of his bed; and when the preachers and cordeliers who were there spoke to him of a book he would like to hear, he said to them, 'Nay, you shall not read to me, for there is no book so good, after dinner, as talk ad libitum, that is, every one saying what he pleases.'

65 Words to use with  talked
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