32 Words to use with tasting

In many of the fungiform and most of the circumvallate papillæ are peculiar structures called taste buds or taste goblets.

"I could tell by the second-class taste o' them mellings, an' their measley little size.

The Taste-makers.

He, from the taste obscene reclaims our youth, And sets the passions on the side of truth, Forms the soft bosom with the gentlest art, And pours each human virtue in the heart.

Schenley Swallows sing: Melding Schenley's taste surprise makes your highballs harmonize.

A Symphony: audience taste survey unveils some surprising information.

the climate forbids the use of many of the creature comforts which American and European taste demands.

What Art can execute, or Taste devise, Decks thy fair course and gladdens in thine eyes As broader sweep the bendings of thy stream, To meet the southern sun's more constant beam.

It may be garnished as taste dictates.

Then we ought to try to fix it in our mind, that, in all matters into which taste enters at all, the most honest and the most able men may hopelessly, diametrically, differ: original idiosyncrasy has so much to say here; and training has also so much.

Public knowledge and public taste fluctuate; and there come times when works which were once capable of instructing and delighting thousands lose their power, and works, before neglected, emerge into renown.

So I Florindabut beheld in vain: Like Tantalus, who in the realms below Sees blushing fruits, which to increase his pain, When he attempts to eat, his taste forego.

Thy private purse is drained by demands on thy charity;or, perhaps, the waywardness of a female taste hath cost thee dear, of late?"

And if fruition did the taste impair Of kisses, why should yonder happy pair, Whose joys just Hymen warrants all the night, Consume the day, too, in this less delight? CON.

" When he saw them laugh very heartily, he said he was satisfied, "my book will be well received since it makes persons of such delicate taste laugh."

It is in a host of little things such as these that good taste lies, and shows itself.

He has a taste poetry; she, a thirst knowledge.

The humour of the people is now for comedy; therefore, in hope to please them, I write comedies rather than serious plays: and so far their taste prescribes to me.

You would like to hear of his statue of Eve, which men of taste pronounce one of the finest works of modern times.

When the glasses are empty the company calls for desert; for the opium-drinker must always have his "kharbhanjan" or bitter taste remover; and the landlord straightway produces sweets, fruit, parched grain, or sago-gruel known as "khir" according to the taste of his customers.

"Never threw no vittles 'n my basket with sech a splendid taste tew 'em es these hev.

He thanked Jeanne-Marie over and over for sharing this delightful new taste-treat with him.

Some of the men who have been imprisoned during the last two years, only uttered in language of deplorable taste views that are expressed more or less politely in books which are in the library of a bishop unless he is a very ignorant person, and against which the law, if it has any validity, ought to have been enforced.

in bad taste vulgar, unrefined. coarse, indecorous, ribald, gross; unseemly, unbeseeming^, unpresentable^; contra bonos mores [Lat.]; ungraceful &c (ugly) 846.

"And every day when I wake up," she wailed, "I t-taste whiskey on my tongue and II smell cigarette smoke in my hair.

32 Words to use with  tasting