105 Words to use with taxes

Royalty payments must be paid within 60 days following each date on which you prepare (or are legally required to prepare) your periodic tax returns.

The Foundation's EIN or federal tax identification number is 64-6221541.

International donations are gratefully accepted, but we cannot make any statements concerning tax treatment of donations received from outside the United States.

R72759, 8Jan51, West Pub. Co. (PWH) AMERICAN Federal tax reports.

This assembly elects the Village Elder, or chief executive officer, the tax-collector, the watchman, and the communal herd-boy; it directs the allotment of the arable land; and in general matters of local legislation its power is as great as that of the New England town-meeting,in some respects perhaps even greater, since the precise extent of its powers has never been determined by legislation, and (according to Mr. Wallace)

And when the tax-gatherer oppressed his neighbours, he pleaded their cause, which was also his own, in the courts of Athens, and gained it by the interest of Alcibiades.

Nearly a half million dollars have been subscribed for bounties and war measures; the tax-payers, almost to a man, are Democrats.

Poor Persia had been sold out so many times in the framing of tariffs and tax laws, in loan transactions and concessions of various kinds that the nationalist government had grown desperate and certainly most distrustful of all foreigners coming from nations within the sphere of European diplomacy.

New York State tax cases, from 1890 to May 1926.

FOUNDATION PRESS, INC. Income tax fundamentals.

CHASE, D. B. Your personal income tax guide.

In order to avoid any quarrel with the curate or the government, he settled from his own pocket the shortages in the tax-lists, paying for those who had died or moved away, and he lost considerable time in making the collections and on his trips to the capital.

No tax-farmer's slave could keep track of the flow of intangible wealth when the bills for a million sesterces passed to and fro like cards in an Egyptian game.

But the tax bill, though it comes as inevitably as the autumnal frosts, bears no such obvious relation to the incidents of domestic life; it is not quite so clear what the money goes for; and hence it is apt to be paid by the head of the household with more or less grumbling, while for the younger members of the family it requires some explanation.

Rae Dalven (A); 5Jan77; R650823. R650824. Lasser's Business tax handbook.

We struck out a clause by which Le Blanc would have been obliged to sit to tax costs every day in the year.

(Federal tax books)

None of the dependants of the Hall in the cottages round knew anything of her, but at last Dilemma Hornblower imparted that she had seen my lady's baby's green cloak atop of a tax-cart going towards Wil'sbro'.

4. Give a surveyor's or a tax assessor's or a conveyancer's description of a piece of land.

Tax-fax system.

Ye see, young Joe were away an' couldn't raise the tax money, so Ol' Hucks had to.

Its consequences were to deny to the United States Government the right to tax incomes, to restrict it still further to customs duties as virtually its sole source of revenue, to deprive it of a power that might one day be vital to the safety of the Union, and to exhibit it in a condition of feebleness that was altogether incompatible with any rational conception of a sovereign State.

They are not encouraged, not through tax policies nor through venture capital, because they don't make sense to an industry and economy that has based its business model on the exploitation of fixed and precious resources: A closed source model.

Federal tax revision program.

The new system tried to equalize the tax burden and the corvée obligation, but not the land.

105 Words to use with  taxes
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