86 Words to use with temple

As a natural consequence they speedily ceased to arrive; the influx of offerings into the treasury terminated along with them; the temple-courts were bare of worshippers; and the only victims whose blood smoked within them were those slain by the priest himself, in the hope of appeasing the displeasure of Apollo.

He heard the lizard when it moved at noon On the grey, sunlit wall; He heard the far-off temple bells, what time He felt the shadows fall.

Mahomet spent forty years in the city of Mecca, watching its temple services with his grandfather, taking part in its mercantile life, learning something of Christian and Jewish doctrine through the varied multitudes that thronged its public places.

Four or five practical problems confronted and disturbed the temple-builders.

Good Gaieta bedecks our saint serene With robes translucent, light-irradiate, Restoring her to all her natural sheen; The while my tocsin at the temple-gate Of the wide universe proclaims her queen, Pythia of first and last ordained by fate.

On this subject Dr. Oliver observes, "Now, the act of going with naked feet was always considered a token of humility and reverence; and the priests, in the temple worship, always officiated with feet uncovered, although it was frequently injurious to their health."

Did that old partition wall survive the shock, that made earth quake, and hid the sun, burst graves and rocks, and rent the temple veil?

But no calm river meditated through The weary flat to the less level sea; No forest trees on pillared stems and boughs Bent in great Gothic arches, bore aloft A cloudy temple-roof of tremulous leaves; No clear line where the kissing lips of sky And earth meet undulating, but a haze That hidesoh, if it hid wild waves!

You are lucky if you have but ten failures to detract from one successas lucky as a man who has but ten mistresses to interfere with his enjoyment of his wife!" He spoke of mistresses because the girls were coming down the temple steps to take part in the sunset ceremony.

The wealth of a Burman, always insecure, is very generally expended on the luxury of temple-building.

The temple oval at Khafajah.

They represent, therefore, the oldest edition of the Psalter and the songs which were probably sung by the temple singers and the people as they went up to the temple on the great feast days during the closing years of the Persian period. III.

The temple doors are always open, and those who are religiously inclined can come in at any hour of the day.

Away to Samas' temple grand, away!

From between Corinthian columns was a view of nearly all the temple precincts and of the lawns where revelers would presently forget restraint.

From an architectural point of view, the rails were surpassed by the chaityas, or temple-caves, in western India.

And then if our stiff tongues shall be Mute in the praises of thy deity, The stones out of the temple-wall Shall cry aloud and call Hosanna!

I will bring weapons, and I will join you as soon as possible after I have made sure that the temple priests, and all Daphne, are positive about your death.

The second and chief reason was because the room was needed for storing the offerings that were brought in for the support of the temple officials.

It was in the afternoon, and I was sitting in state in my outer temple place, sitting on that old black stone of theirs, when he came.

Until then monks had been free of taxation, as had millions of acres of land belonging to the temples and leased to tenants or some 150,000 temple slaves.

Not a hundred yards away a heathen temple stands, with its gilded roof shining in the sun.

Humbly I must enter the temple porch; gradually and trustfully proceed with my initiation. . . .

Having many things in common with the secret societies and religious Mysteries of antiquity, in this "temple symbolism" it differs from them all.

Key plans showing locations of Theban temple decorations.

86 Words to use with  temple
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