73 Words to use with third

The cumbrous system which has thus so long blocked all change was that Congress must by a two-thirds vote in each House agree to submit an amendment to the States.

He died in his seventy-third year, 478 B.C.

When well risen, add three and two thirds cups of wheat berry flour.

On the thirty-third day after I departed from Cadiz, I came to the Indian sea, where I found many islands inhabited by men without number, of all which I took possession for our most fortunate King, with proclaiming heralds and flying standards, no one objecting.

He was a charter member of George H. Thomas Post, G.A.R.; a thirty-third degree Scottish Rite Mason, and was also prominently identified with several social and commercial organizations of Indianapolis, notably the Columbia Club, Commercial Club, Board of Trade, and the Mannerchor Society.

Yes, Mr. Timmins, you will find the verse in the second book of Samuel and the twenty-third chapter.

When I reached the sixty-third verse, I was struck as by a flash of light, which instantaneously discovered to me the mistake that I had at first made in the meaning of the six verses transcribed above, and imparted a new value to the Gospel.

It was Colonel Washington's twenty-third birthday, and there was quite a celebration at Mount Vernon.

In the forty-third number of the "Federalist," Mr. Madison says: "The indispensable necessity of complete authority at the seat of government, carries its own evidence with it.

One of these days, he will try to get that cabinet out of the steel cell at the Twenty-third Street station, in which we have it locked!" I shook my head.

Furthermore, "Each ditcher receives every night, when ditching, a dram (jigger) consisting of two-thirds whiskey and one-third water, with as much asafoetida as it will absorb, and several strings of red peppers added in the barrel.

The convention met in Baltimore on the 26th of May, and it was then that the two-thirds rule was first adopted.

This extreme simplicity and naturalness of expression may be well illustrated by the refrain of the seventy-third poem: ¡Dios mío, qué solos Se quedan los muertos!

"I was walking behind her on Twenty-third street.

The attempt to pass the re-charter bill over the veto failed of the necessary two-thirds majority, and the President was triumphant.

Phonetic element cards, primer set, first reader set-third reader set, by Bessie B. Coleman, Willis L. Uhl, and James F. Hosic.

That Iron "Dog." The latest bit of intelligence given by the police regarding the "dog" so much spoken of in connection with the Twenty-third street murder, is that it is not, as at first stated, the kind of instrument used by shipwrights.

It was all very crude, but the children read their lessons for the visitor, and did sums on the board, and sang a hymn which the pastor had composed, and recited the Lord's Prayer and the Twenty-third psalm.

He was not looking; he was holding the empty, foam-flecked glass behind him imperatively, and he was watching over his shoulder to see that the bartender did not skimp the filling and make it two-thirds foam.

Mince a little cold veal and ham, allowing one-third ham to two-thirds veal; add an egg boiled hard and chopped, and a seasoning of pounded mace, salt, pepper, and lemon-peel; moisten with a little gravy and cream.

Mix well and spread on 8 slices bread cut one-third inch thick.

"The articles of export are fourteen, with duties at 1 to 80 per cent, with one-third increase if by foreign vessels.

4. The civil list was fixed at two hundred thousand pounds, and a yearly revenue ordered to be raised for the support of an army of thirty thousand men, two-thirds infantry, and one-third cavalry, with such a navy as the lord-protector should think necessary.

He took it down, and, after a momentary hesitation, broke the seal, and read: Miss Devine presents her compliments to Mr. Bellew, and regrets to say that owing to unforeseen circumstances, she begs that he will provide himself with other quarters at the expiration of the month, being the Twenty-third inst.

In it was a letter from William M. Shinn, saying that without his knowledge, my husband had succeeded in having my one-third interest in the Swissvale estate sold at sheriff's sale, and had become the purchaser.

73 Words to use with  third