25 Words to use with tissues

I can look tailor-made on a five-dollar bill and a tissue-paper pattern.

He showed us the inoculation and culture room for tissue culture as well as the ultraviolet tube where the mother spawn is prepared.

In the Suppurating Corn, as in moist corn, we have pathological changes due to the tissue reaction to the injury, plus the addition of pus organisms.

In youth the body is not only growing, but the tissue changes are active.

Tissue culture technique.

Common to both conditions is a drop in the rate of tissue combustion or metabolism, which can be relieved by injection of an extract of the pituitary, a rise of temperature occuring simultaneously.

Again, they may be described as to their functions or location or the tissue in which they are found, as epithelial cells, blood cells (corpuscles, Figs. 2 and 66), nerve cells (Fig. 4), and connective-tissue cells.

We must admit, however, that the cure of the lesion is generally at the expense of slight lameness, due, in all probability, to inflammatory tissue adhesions between the flexor perforans and the perforatus, and to a partial destruction of the synovial membrane of the sheath.

The cells are called connective-tissue corpuscles, cartilage cells, and bone corpuscles, according to the tissues in which they occur.

Later, as destruction of the synovial membrane proceeds, the flow of synovia is stopped, while the pus formation goes on until finally nothing but pus and dead tissue products fill the cavity.

It would also be important to determine if Brewster was right in his conclusion that the particular internodes of a bamboo which contain tabasheer always have their inner lining tissue rent or injured.

The continued congestion of the lung tissue results in its becoming thickened and hardened, thus obstructing the absorption of oxygen, and the escape of carbon dioxid.

It was feeble wit, but it put the finishing stroke to Kitty's vanity, and she dropped a tear in her blue tissue retreat, and clung to Jack, feeling that she had never valued him half enough.

"Say, Mr. Romilly," he exclaimed, leaning a little forward, "do you happen to have seen the wireless messages to-day?those tissue sheets that are stuck up in the library?" Philip set down the menu, in which he had been taking an unusual interest.

The casements are with golden tissue spread, And horses' hoofs, for earth, on silken tapestry tread.

From this tissue activity, which is mainly oxidation, are formed certain waste products which, as we have seen, are absorbed by the capillaries and lymphatics and carried into the venous circulation.

As they had received strict orders from His Highness never to appear in anything but full uniform (cloth of gold tunics, silver-tissue trousers, and belts and epaulettes of diamonds) they spent most of their time in changing their costume.

These proportions can only be judged of by the examinations of sections of the bone, and when it is found in any case that the cancellated tissue bulks more largely in the formation of the bone than normally it should, we have what we may term a weak navicular bone.

Ragged robins were arranged as a centerpiece, and fluttering blue tissue butterflies marked the places.

Nitrogenous product of tissue decomposition.

It is composed of connective-tissue elements permeated by nerve fibres which have grown out from the axis-cylinders of the nerve stump.

He was accompanied by a kaishaku and three officers, who wore the jimbaori or war surcoat with gold tissue facings.

In the tiny porch, there were many mysterious baskets and boxes and tin pails of varying sizes, and within doors a long table at the back of the room had on it many cups and saucers, with a pile of tissue paper napkins.

These are the only tissue patterns cut on French models.

Palatable to the taste, resembling chicken in fibre and flavour, but perfectly free from the tissue poisons that abound in animal flesh.

25 Words to use with  tissues