23 Words to use with tomatoes

Serve on a border of boiled rice and pour over all a highly seasoned tomato-sauce.

Fry 1 large onion in butter, add the tomato pulp, a piece of beef-marrow, 2 sprigs of chopped parsley, salt and pepper.

TOMATO JELLY Heat to boiling point in agate saucepan 1 cup tomato juice and pulp 2 tablespoons mild vinegar 1 tablespoon gelatin 1/2 tablespoon sugar Bit of bay leaf 1 slice onion 1 tablespoon lemon juice, and leaves from 1 stalk celery.

and goodness sakes alive, and a can of tomato soup!

Up there, on the rude shelf above the stove, was a row of old tomato-cans brimful of Bonanza gold.

Prepare according to directions given for tomato jelly, and just before straining add amount required of a good extract.

Tomato vines are never frosted.

Put half over the rice, then the rest of the rice, and the other half of the tomato mixture.

Put the half whites inside the tomato shells and fill with the following mixture:In a saucepan melt 2 ozs. butter, add tomato pulp, 1 oz.

For Glaze dissolve 2 tablespoonfuls of the clear tomato aspic in saucepan.

Drain the onion sauce, add three tablespoons tomato catsup, drain the cauliflower, turn into a baking-pan, pour over the sauce, place in a moderate oven for five minutes and serve hot.

When tender, arrange the tomato slices round and on the mushrooms.

"Phebe," said she, with a quiver in her voice, when she received the tomato pincushion, "I like you just as well as if you wasn't black.

Two tomato-plants were lodged in the potato-field, under the protection of some broken apple-branches dragged thither for the purpose.

One of these roughs, a drunken, young fellow of wiry build, whose hair, face, eyes, nose, ears, and hands were all of the color of tomato-catchup, might have made an excellent low comedian, had destiny led him upon the "boards."

Add three-quarters of a cup of canned or grated fresh corn, one ripe green pepper, stir them, add one egg yolk mixed with one-half cup of tomato purée, one teaspoon of salt, one-half teaspoon of paprika.

He blushed a ripe tomato red.

Pour the tomato round and serve. 13.

The Chinaman is careful when he throws out empty tomato-cansturning back the tin to make it impossible for the yellow cat again to fasten his head in one of the inviting traps, and the cook would imperil the hope of the return of his soul to the flowery Orient before he would put butter in the bottom of a can to entice the animal into trouble.

Picking it up, he found it was a bunch of Indian tomato berries, red and ripe, and quickly hope sprang in his breast.

In one place a tomato-field had been wired; the green vines, laden with their rich red fruit, were intertwined with the steel vines bearing their vicious blood-drawing barbs whose intent was to make the red field redder still.

The tomato fruit is about the size of a small potato, and is chiefly used in soups, sauces, and gravies.

He began with a heavy soup, shoved a rich, fat, fried fish over his plate, and followed it with a queer entrée of spaghetti with a tomato dressing that satisfied his hunger and killed his appetite as if with the blow of a lead pipe.

23 Words to use with  tomatoes