8 Words to use with torchlight

"It's a jokin' ye are; fur how could ye ask that same, afther I see him giv' TIM MCGONIGLE sich an illegant knock-down with me own eyes, at the torchlight procession in the fall of the winter?

The torchlight fishing will again yield the children nothing.'

Seen against the background of purple and dark-green gloom, with crimson torchlight flaring on the quiet water and the moon descending behind trees beyond them, they were mystically beautifulseemed not to belong to earth, any more than the pan-pipe music did.

Just a little Française shall be a rehearsal for the torchlight dance at your wedding.

An admirably vigorous simile was used by the late Mr. O'Sullivan, when he complained that the whisky supplied at the bar was like "a torchlight procession marching down your throat;" but of Irish bulls in Parliament I have only heard oneproceeding, if my memory serves me, from Mr. T. Healy: "As long as the voice of Irish suffering is dumb, the ear of English compassion is deaf to it."

The mayor presented to Field a golden casket, and the ceremony was followed by a torchlight parade.

But I know the spot they gave him, with the cool green earth above, Where I saw the torchlight glitter on the tears of widowed love, And we left his garlands fading;to redeem that moment's pain, Would that ye were yet in chaos, and your master back again!

" "The funniest, part of it," Makaraig added, "is that Padre Irene has advised us to celebrate the event with a banquet or a torchlight processiona public demonstration of the students en masse to render thanks to all the persons who have intervened in the affair.

8 Words to use with  torchlight