17 Words to use with tossings

Outside it blows wetter and wetter, The tossing trees never stay still.

Of stable pleasures on the tossing wave!

" It was five feet, and up, my purchase the tossing boat, but I made it, one hand desperately gripping a shroud, until I gained balance and was flung inboard by a sharp plunge of the vessel.

Argos, belike, or Phthia shall it be, Or some lone island of the tossing sea, Far, far from Troy? HECUBA.

I never thought to see United States sailors and embryo Naval officers so much afraid of a little tossing water.

And, trembling on the tossing ships, The Vikings heard, with voiceless lips And dim, despairing eyes ...

The almond shaking in the sun On some high place ere day begin, Where winds of myrrh and cinnamon Between the tossing plumes have been, It called before her, and its kin The fragrant savage balaustine Grown from the ruined ravelin That tawny leopards couch them in; But this, if rolling in from seas It only caught the salt-fumed breeze, Would have a grace they might not win.

But from thy root another tree shall bloom With living leaves its tossing boughs shall rise; And the winged spiritbursting from the tomb, Oh, shall it spring to light beyond these skies?

Morning (town morning, to be sure, but still morning) was shining in the red window-panes, in the tossing smoke up in the frosty air, in the very glowing faces of people hurrying from market with their noses nipped blue and their eyes watering with cold.

" My tossing spirit has never found such a calm in any thing this world can give.

120 And, as a Coracle that braves On Vaga's breast the fretful waves, This shell upon the deep would swim, And gaily lift its fearless brim Above the tossing surge.

The sea-birds shriek above the prey O'er which their hungry beaks delay, As shaken on his restless pillow, His head heaves with the heaving billow; That hand whose motion is not life, Yet feebly seems to menace strife, Flung by the tossing tide on high, Then levell'd with the wave What reeks it tho' that corse shall lie Within a living grave.

We sang and danced, and the tossing torches stirred the shadows of the black wold, and brought out in shifting glimpses the ominous shapes of the monstrous trees.

But onwardsalways onwards, In silence and in gloom, The dreary pageant laboured, Till it reach'd the house of doom: Then first a woman's voice was heard In jeer and laughter loud, And an angry cry and a hiss arose From the heart of the tossing crowd: Then, as the Græme looked upwards, He met the ugly smile Of him who sold his King for gold The master-fiend Argyle! VIII.

Then with a twist of the steering-wheel he gave the Bright Angel a half-turn that sent her flying along in front of the cattle, almost underneath the tossing horns and plunging hoofs.

Lying flat behind a roll of matting, Rudolph could see, as through the gauze twilight of a stage scene, the tossing lights and the skipping men who shouted back and forth, jabbing their spears or pikes down among the bales, to probe the darkness.

His goal was not the tossing bridle rein, but the stout strap which circled the head just above the bit, and his big right hand jarred home on this goal.

17 Words to use with  tossings