22 Words to use with tour

In 1815 he went with Otto von Kotzehue on a tour round the world, and on his return he settled in Berlin, having obtained a post in the Botanical Gardens.

Pendant six semaines elle approcha et s'éloigna tour à tour.

Tour magic carpet the world-visiting National geographic magazine.

When I had finished, he said: "Well, you have taken my advice with a vengeance; and as an exerciseindeed, as a tour-de-forceit is good.

C'est mon tour maintenant, et je vais envoyer Chercher un autre estoc pour vous, dit Olivier.

T.1: Votre tour viendra.

Along in the last week of May, Nyoda, on a shopping tour downtown, dropped into a restaurant for a bit of lunch.

Tour hand, Miss, with your heart in it, You to the Mother Country proffer.

Balancez et tour des mains, all set to partners, and turn to places.

Tours trembles.

In some districts, such as the Bernese Oberland, the Ordnance map has been used for the local Ski tour map, and the tours shown on it in red.

Tour munificence would render it most ungrateful and unjust in me to haggle over the price of any service I could render you; and I should be greedy indeed if I desired greater wealth than you have bestowed.

After a pleasant tour north, they returned again to the village, and Henriette was surprised when they arrived there, to find the carriage stop at the home of her childhood.

The tour package had originated in Eugene.

It is I, Monsieur, that have invent the famous tour du pistolet; it is I, that have originate the great and surprising deception of the bottle; it is I whom the world does surname the Wizard of the Caucasus.

Tour sur place, the same.

Tour choice beauties come up to it only to see and be seen, and to learn the newest fashion, and for some other recreations.

à raconter toutes les aventures que mes vertus sulpiciennes m'amenèrent, et les tours singuliers qu'elles m'ont joués.

I have heard those who remembered their tour express surprise they were not drowned.

Tour colleagues, Monsieur Pyat, will not permit you to be the only one to withdraw from the honours, since you have been with them in the strife.

When the countersign is used, the corporal at the posting of the relief during whose tour challenging is to begin gives the countersign to the members of the relief, excepting those posted at the guardhouse.

Il a appelé tour-à-tour devant lui tous les domestiques de la maison, les renvoyant après les avoir interrogés.

22 Words to use with  tour