16 Words to use with tracing

Every child's pencil tracing book.

Ma didn't remember them, but she remembered Barnum, because Barnum lectured on temperance, and she said she hoped pa would emulate Barnum's example, and pa said he would, and then he took a watch chain with links as big as a trace chain and spread it across his checkered vest, from one pocket to the other, with a life-size gold elk hanging down the middle, and ma almost had a convulsion.

Copies may be obtained by placing a piece of tracing-paper over the picture and following the lines with a lead-pencil.

To construct his earthly temple, the operative mason followed the architectural designs laid down on the trestle-board, or tracing-board, or book of plans of the architect.

This one Lanyard had marked down midway across the room, in the foremost row of chairs beneath the salesman's pulpit: by his attire a person of fashion (though his taste might have been thought a trace florid) who carried himself with an air difficult of definition but distinctive enough in its way.

It appears that the ponies were fairly quiet when Victor tossed his head and caught his nostril in the trace hook on the hame of Snatcher's harness.

When Cato's laboured scenes are brought to view, With equal praise the actor laboured too; For still you'll find, trace passions to their root, Small difference 'twixt the stoic and the brute.

But it so happened that, in starting, the coachman entangled his off-rein in the trace-buckle.

And, from her lowest depths up-tending, E'en now her living trace doth steal.

The Saadian Sultan who invaded the Soudan and came back laden with gold and treasure from the great black city of Timbuctoo covered Marrakech with hasty monuments of which hardly a trace survives.

The only trace surviving of these twelve Apostles is the huge blocked-out S. Matteo, now in the courtyard of the Accademia.

I tol' dat young nigger ef he didn' take hisse'f 'way wid dem lies, I 'd take a buggy-trace ter 'im; fer I sees de yeath stan'in' still all de time, en I sees de sun gwine roun' it, en ef a man can't b'lieve w'at 'e sees, I can't see no use in libbin'mought's well die en be

(Montrichard se met à la table de gauche et cherche autour de lui ce qu'il faut pour écrire; ne le trouvant pas, il tire un carnet de sa poche et trace quelques lignes au crayon.)

No trace comedy entitled fourteen weeks suggest inquire post-office.


Cover one side of a flat piece of glass, after having made it perfectly clean, with bees' wax, and trace figures upon it with a needle, taking care that every stroke cuts completely through the wax.

16 Words to use with  tracing