16 Words to use with transferring

For those others of you to whom Chicago is a transfer point between New York and San Francisco there is presented this brief explanation: The Loop is a clamorous, smoke-infested district embraced by the iron arms of the elevated tracks.

Intermediate tests for college students college transfer test.

Uniform stock transfer act.

Animated conversation amuses without seeming to teach, and transfers ideas so skilfully into the minds of others that they are ignorant of the debt, and mistake them for their own.

CHAPTER X ALMOST A TRAGEDY A day or two after the sale of the Majestic, while the preparation of the transfer papers was going on, Mr. McLain's young man, who was acting as his secretary and clerk, asked his employer to be relieved of his present duties.

It seems that Alvito D'Cunha, one of the dashing forwards for East Bengal today, was one among a group of Sesa Goa players who ditched the club midway in the Second Division league and came back to Goa from Bangalore during the players transfers period.

It arrests for the time hasty, inconsiderate, or unconstitutional legislation, invites reconsideration, and transfers questions at issue between the legislative and executive departments to the tribunal of the people.

We hang a thief for stealing a sheep; but the unchastity of a woman transfers sheep, and farm and all, from the right owner.

"Behold, say our boasting enemies, the spirit and wisdom of that assembly, whose counsels hold the continent in suspense, and whose determinations change the fate of kingdoms; whose vote transfers sovereignty, covers the ocean with fleets, prescribes the operation of distant wars, and fixes the balance of the world.

The merchants accordingly began to prepare deposit certificates, and in this way to set up a sort of transfer system.

"But the transfer tax will not be heavy, and the legacies do not aggregate more than ten thousand.

Transfer N. transfer, conveyance, assignment, alienation, abalienation^; demise, limitation; conveyancing^; transmission &c (transference) 270; enfeoffment^, bargain and sale, lease and release; exchange &c (interchange) 148; barter &c 794; substitution &c 147. succession, reversion; shifting use, shifting trust; devolution.

The amount transferred and actually paid by the deposit banks in the year ending the 1st of October last was $39,319,899; the amount transferred and paid between that period and the 6th of November was $5,399,000, and the amount of transfer warrants outstanding on that day was $14,450,000, making an aggregate of $59,168,894.

In equity specific performance is nothing more than the giving of an instrument transferring title after all has previously been done on both sides, but this, to complete the transaction.

He took out the Vortex shares which he had just bought by agreement, and, turning to the transfer-book, found that they were Sandford's.

John Corbett got a job at once as teamster for a transfer company, and Maggie followed her mother's example and put a sign of "Table Board" in the window.

16 Words to use with  transferring