7 Words to use with trash

This was called the trash gang.

"The reason why so many slaves suffered as much as they did as a rule was not because of the masters but because of the poor white trash overseers.

Now, Mr. SPEC., I desire you would find out some Name for these craving Damsels, whether dignified or distinguished under some or all of the following Denominations, (to wit) Trash-eaters, Oatmeal-chewers, Pipe-champers, Chalk-lickers, Wax-nibbles, Coal-Scranchers, Wall-peelers, or Gravel-diggers:

We tried to get at the reason while sojourning there, but never fairly succeeded, though the impression was, plainly, that they did not think it proper food for white people anyway, and then the "odor was so disgusting," and altogether it was only fit for "trash folks."

On his way back to the parking garage he dropped Suzanne's note carefully into a city trash container. 20.

These, as may be supposed, contain, together with the current news, every description of scandal and trash imaginable, their personality being highly offensive, injurious, and reprehensible.

Marster bought all de little places 'roun' us so he wouldn' have no po' white trash neighbors.

7 Words to use with  trash