12 Words to use with treason

Revolt was madness, and treason absurdity.

Do we, or do we not, come under the penalties of the treason-act, by reason of our being privy to this man's concealment.

Faith, pretty Marian, I shall meet with you, And with your lovely sweetheart Robert too: For when we come unto a baiting-place, If with like love my love he do not grace, Of treason capital I will accuse him, For trait'rous forcing me out of the court, And guerdon his disdain with guilty death, That of a prince's love so lightly weighs.

Among the monstrous lies exposed by these investigators, are reports that Belgian priests paid eight shillings for every German head brought to them; high treason charges against Catholic priests in Alsace; all kinds of monstrous crimes charged to the priesthood; that a Belgian boy was caught with a bucketful of dead Germans' eyes; espionage by priests etc., etc.

Perhaps the borders of royalty may become sacred, as well as the borders of treason criminal; and as every placeman, pensioner, and minister, may be said to border on the court, a kind of sanctity may be communicated to his character, and he that lampoons or opposes him, may border upon treason.

Nor shall the rascal rabble here have place, Whom kings no titles gave, and God no grace: 580 Not bull-faced Jonas, who could statutes draw To mean rebellion, and make treason law.

To abhor the makers, and their laws approve, Is to hate traitors, and the treason love.

Who, seeing him, with secret ioy therefore Did tickle inwardly in everie vaine; And his false hart, fraught with all treasons store, 395 Was fil'd with hope his purpose to obtaine: Himselfe he close upgathered more and more Into his den, that his deceiptfull traine By his there being might not be bewraid, Ne anie noyse, ne anie motion made.

One day I sought with her hart-thrilling eies To make a truce, and termes to entertaine; All fearlesse then of so false enimies, Which sought me to entrap in treasons traine.

It is not possible here to go into the details of the notorious Agram high treason trial, which was the outcome of all this.

Shall that false Hebronite escape our curse, Judas, that keeps the rebels' pension-purse; Judas, that pays the treason-writer's fee, Judas, that well deserves his namesake's tree; Who at Jerusalem's own gates erects His college for a nursery of sects; Young prophets with an early care secures, And with the dung of his own arts manures!

"I have found," continued Carton, "that the Old Bailey spy who charged Darnay with high treason years ago is now in the service of the Republic and is a turnkey at the prison of the Conciergerie where Darnay is confined.

12 Words to use with  treason