38 Words to use with tricking

Looks like a trick horse.

'Was it a trick dog?' 'I thought you were in London,' Margaret said.

Illustrated 5 minute trick harmonica methods.

A trick elephant was being fed by its keeper at once side of the tent.

Big brother; the story of a trick bear.

" Helen then took her place on the trick chair over the trap in the stage.

If so, what a marvellous romance was this journey that Max and I had undertaken, and what a fantastic trick fate had played in bringing these two from the ends of the earth to meet in the quaint old Swiss city.

A clown holding the trick mule called to the boys near Bud, who nudged him into the clown's attention.

And, 'Thank you, Miss,' says gran'dad, 'but such ain't no use to me.' "But he said, since she was pressing of her fairy spells and forces, He'd take the threefold bounty, lest a gift he'd seem to scorn: He'd ask, beyond all other men, the tricks o' hounds and horses, And a voice to charm a woodland of a soft December morn, And sons to follow after him, all to the business born.

He must be a trick pig!

There was an old Fellow about forty Years ago so peevish and fretful, though a Man of Business, that no one could come at him: But he frequented a particular little Coffee-house, where he triumphed over every body at Trick-track and Baggammon.

The Bijou offered entertainment of the cigar-box tramp variety, interspersed with trick bicyclists, soubrettes in slightly soiled pink, trained seals, and Family Fours with lumpy legs who tossed each other about and struck Goldbergian attitudes.

Jerry-builders accomplished that trick years ago.

"These trick bets are unlucky.

With a trick leap he landed his feet against the stomach of the other, sending him reeling back, breathless.

Some of the paintings seem magical, but it's trick magic.

Some ob dem say dere's a trick behine it, an' don't want to tech it.

After such a trick mistrust all misanthropes.

But instead of being dead the box of tricks ups and gives the donk another butt and moves on.

There is no knowing what tricks water may play in this fantastic region, where the tendency of rivers is to flow underground, and where one gallery may be connected with a ramification of water-courses extending over many miles of country, and with reservoirs which empty themselves periodically by means of natural syphons.

"We'll paste paper over this end where the trick panel is," went on the man who had claimed the reward.

Brodamonte forced Ferrand's system of restitution, under Rudolph's directions, who had succeeded in obtaining from the notary by a trick papers which proved his crimes and guilt.

If more than a trick-phantom of his eye had been there, it had vanished.

Dat was a cheap trick wot I got from old Jem, dat were.

He also sometimes had a part with "the Tom Thumb acrobats," doing some clever hoop-jumping with a trick Shetland pony.

38 Words to use with  tricking