51 Words to use with troops

German troops were therefore concentrated near the points chosen for attack, and this was done with the utmost secrecy, the troop trains running unlighted at night, so as to escape the observation of Allied aviators.

A portion of the contents of the cisterns was taken for watering troop horses in the springtroops were not allowed to drink it.

They have made possible troop movements and a regular system of supply under the most difficult conditions.

I saw a troop ship signaled this morning.

Two days later Rear Admiral Sims reported that the American troop transport Antilles, homeward bound from France, was torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine on October 17.

He always wears his belt-axe to troop meetings, in case the Germans should invade Bridgeboro, I suppose.

I said I'd stay on the houseboat because I had to write up the troop-book.

I knew he'd get a troop reprimand, but I decided he'd get a patrol reprimand too, you bet.

"Will you believe, Monsieur, that I had just finished a game of cards with the captain, and was preparing to have a bit of sleep, for it was near upon eleven o'clock, when I thought I heard something like the noise of troops marching.

The extent of the front to be covered by, and the disposition of the cavalry, will depend upon the nature of the country, and will be left to the judgment of the troop commander.

At last the door opened again, and the captain came out first, and stood to see all the troop pass by him.

[Sidenote: Scipio's troops desert to Sulla.]

Besides, is it fair to ask a troop sergeant-major to order his own Colonel's horse out of the ring, or the General's either?

My wife volunteered her services as Red Cross nurse, insisting upon being sent to the front, in order to be as near me as could be, but it developed later that no nurse was allowed to go farther than the large troop hospitals far in the rear of the actual operations.

Our common safety must be now the care; But soon as morning paints the fields of air, Sheathed in bright arms let every troop engage, And the fired fleet behold the battle rage.

This is only possible if the troop column does not exceed a certain length and starts at early morning, so that the transport waggons, which, at the end of the march, must be driven from the rear to the head of the column, can reach this before the beginning of the night's rest.

I was in my troop lines one afternoon, blackguarding a farrier, when a loud nicker sounded on the road and a black cob, bearing a feebly protesting padre upon his fat back, trotted through the gate, up to the lines and began to swop How d'y'do's with my hairies.

He's the troop mascot and if you walk around him three times and ruffle up his beautiful curly hair, you can change your luck.

What could Jaquemart have been doing in such a garb, and among such a troop o' ruffians?"

Since, also, the infantry is too weak in proportion to the space required by the artillery to deploy, it becomes advisable in the interests both of powerful attack and of operative efficiency, within the separate troop organizations to strengthen the numbers of the infantry and reduce those of the artillery.

Thy troop outnumbers his.

Past Vachel, scene of a recent skirmish, with many dead in the gutters, they were overtaken by Falmouth himself, and stood at the roadside to afford his troop passage.

If the orderly selected be a cavalryman, he will leave his rifle in the arm rack of his troop quarters, and report with his belt on, but without side arms unless specially otherwise ordered.

"Enough to make me a captain, sir," says he, "if you please, and a troop ready raised too; for the party of dragoons are posted in the village by my command, till they have farther orders."

Nevertheless he landed on the opposite shore, where he bade the main part of the troop ride on ahead, leaving him and Dankwart to bring up the rear, for he fully expected that Gelfrat, master of the murdered ferryman, would pursue them to avenge the latter's death.

51 Words to use with  troops