45 Words to use with troubles

It was a countenance made to discourage trouble makers.

As soon as those fellows began to talk to him about the horses I saw there was trouble brewing.

GHIRARDI, ALFRED A. Auto-radio pocket trouble shooter gadget.

As a consequence, trouble ensues; feelings are hurt, pride is wounded, motives are misconstrued.

Trouble trail, by George Owen Baxter, pseud.

I had trouble gettin' in.

Yet when the trouble-hunters looked her up, she had a full line of samples of their favorite commodity to show them.

Only keep yer eye peeled for trouble up yonder.

Trouble fighter, by Luke Short, pseud.

GHIRARDI, ALFRED A. Radio trouble shooters handbook.

A stream of these came and went trouble-mongers who despised and insulted the Saints, and returned to Washington with calumnies on their lips.

but tell me what it is that troubles thee, and I shall surely help thee by comfort, counsel, or in the matter itself."

" "'Twas a fearful mystery between God and my own heart!" murmured the woman; "I forbore to trouble itSigismund, or Gaetano, or whatever you will have his name, filled my affections, and I strove to be satisfied.

" It was the first kind word he had had since the morning, and after his troubles kindness melted him.

Barlow descended to the engine room, hooked up the trouble lamp, and sought for the cause.

I had trouble loading.

"Reckon Sis' Johnnie would run things to suit her an' you, Himes, you can cuss me out good an' plenty, but I take notice you seem to have trouble makin' your own family mind.

Not yet have I, in sooth, my freedom wrought; Could I my pathway but from magic free, And quite unlearn the spells of sorcery, Stood I, oh nature, man alone 'fore thee, Then were it worth the trouble man to be!

"As surely as that little wolf is lonely, Bess will know the trouble money brings if you do as you intend.

"Jetson has always been a kicker and a trouble mosquito," whispered Dan Dalzell to his chum.

"Vigour from toil, from trouble patience grows.

Talk like you was slinging around last night is about as good a trouble-raiser as if you emptied both them guns of yours into that crowd out there.

Think of the trouble savedno more doubt, no timidity, no hesitation, no speculation, no opposition from parents.

Wen you is foolin' wid a cunjuh 'oman lack me, you got ter min' yo' P's en Q's er dey'll be trouble sho' 'nuff.'

Don't you think it's a lot of trouble sometimesthinking of just the right word in the right place?" "Sometimes.

45 Words to use with  troubles