50 Words to use with ups

There were a great many servants, huissiers, and footmen standing about, and people waiting in the big drawing-room to speak to W. The living-rooms up-stairs were ghastlylooked bare and uncomfortable in the highest degree.

Week after week he continued to work his way up-stream, and the farther he went the poorer his pans became.

They were far up-country when the sun rose.

That afternoon I walked up-town through the shuttered, silent streets silent but for that incessant rumbling in the southeast and the occasional honking flight of some military automobileto two of the hospitals.

"You have never been brought in contact with the lower creation as I have," said Mrs. Morris; "just let me tell you, in a few words, what a help dumb animals have been to me in the up-bringing of my childrenmy boys, especially.

She tore the fellow's hands away, and took command, keeping the boat's nose pointed up-river, and squalling ferocious orders to all on board.

Then, as a last treat, he led his panting companions through several lively up-hill blocks of drug-mills and tobacco firms, to where they had a distant view of a tenement house next door to a kerosene factory, where, as he vivaciously told them, in the event of a fire, at least one hundred human beings would be slowly done to a turn.

Its appearance was singularly jarring, shattering as it did his dream of the cloister, and up-building in fancy the horrid fabric of marriage and domesticity.

We had almost given up hope of getting a shot, when he turned and fed slowly some fifty yards in a new direction, which was up-wind.

It was when the sun, shining into her room, reached her that an idea occurred to Philippa which was like the up-springing of new life to her.

THE AMERICAN INVESTMENT CO. OF EMMETTSBURG, IOWA, with a PAID-UP CAPITAL of $600,000, SURPLUS $75,000, offers First Mortgage Loans drawing SEVEN per cent., both Principal and Interest FULLY GUARANTEED.

He wired for the suit-case to be put out at Medford, the next stop, some forty miles on, and sent back by the next up-train.

Thus did the modest son slip away from the angry up-braiding; But in the tone he had taken at first, the father continued: "That comes not out of a man which he has not in him; and hardly Shall the joy ever be mine of seeing my dearest wish granted: That my son may not as his father be, but a better.

Therefore, until we have made ample provision for the air supply to the fire, it is quite useless to attempt to ventilate the upper part of the room, either by ventilating gas lights or one of the cheap ventilators with little talc flappers, opening into the chimney when there is an up draught, and shutting themselves up when there is any tendency to down draught.

First the cage gave a little up-leap, and then began to descendquite normally, I thought, though the candle at once went outnor had I the least fear; a strong current of air, indeed, blew up the shaft: but that happens in shafts.

By one rich pillar, by some projecting balustrade taken in conjunction with a moored gondola, we should strive to evoke the soul of the city of Veronese: by the magical and unequalled selection of a subtle and unexpected feature of a thought or aspect of a landscape, and not by the up-piling of extraneous detail, are all great poetic effects achieved.

The verse and a half in Italics are worthy of Chapman; but why did not Mr. Halliwell, who explains up-pont and I um, change "Joves acts were vively limbs" to "Jove's acts were lively limned," which was unquestionably what Marston wrote?

We could see the young buds of hope, the first bursts of ambition, the early up-shoots of confident aspiration, and occasionally the opening bloom of assurance.

And it bubbles and seethes, and it hisses and roars, As when fire is with water commix'd and contending, And the spray of its wrath to the welkin up-soars, And flood upon flood hurries on, never-ending.

Occasionally they have been unified and integrated by some unusual up-thrust like that of the Egyptian, the Chinese or the Roman civilizations.

13. UP denotes motion upwards; as in up-lift: sometimes subversion; as in up-set.

13. UP denotes motion upwards; as in up-lift: sometimes subversion; as in up-set.

I sat again, and rested, rose and roamed again; soon after six I found myself at another station, called 'Priory'; and here I saw two long trains, both crowded, one on a siding, and one at the up-platform.

A handsome up-countryman came out and when, he saw that his visitor was a gentleman he courteously asked him to enter and be seated.

Yet, in verity, I to be even then able to perceive with mine inward senses, how that the Maid did have a wondrous up-pouring of love for me, but yet did be so perverse, and the more so, mayhap, because that her love did so urge her unto loving admittings that I did be her Man.

50 Words to use with  ups