103 Words to use with uses

Human use geography.

Now, for a ground to our following discourse, I would press the solid, thorough and sensible apprehension of this, without which there will be no use-making or application of Christ; "for the whole need not the physician, but the sick;" and Christ is "not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance," Matt.

BLACK, MARY D. The life-use speller.

It's no use thinking of violence, for I've got you before and behind.

I tell you, it's mere words!" Tump cut into his diatribe: "No use talkin' lak dat.

The practical use cyclopedia of sermon suggestion.

"What's the use o' doin' that?"

Oh, well, it's no use arguing.

"Dar ain't no use tryin' to git out ob dat.

"But there wasn't no use arguin', and along we went, and about one o'clock we was standin' alongside Jerry's bed, where he was fast asleep.

No use mopin' when you lose the game, No use sobbin' if you're free from shame, No use cryin' when the harm is done, Just keep on tryin' an' workin' on; Only thing for a man to do, Is take the loss an' begin anew.

The countryside lived on a use economy supplemented by barter.

For summer use sow in March, and for winter requirements in July and August, in shallow drills 6 or 8 in.

Senior manual for group leadership; an instant use guide to parliamentary procedure, with lessons.

The use men have of these marks being either to record their own thoughts, for the assistance of their own memory; or, as it were, to bring out their ideas, and lay them before the view of others: words, in their primary or immediate signification, stand for nothing but THE IDEAS IN THE MIND OF HIM THAT USES THEM, how imperfectly soever or carelessly those ideas are collected from the things which they are supposed to represent.

"There's no evidence we know anything about that your grandfather's heart didn't simply give out, but the detective is absolutely certain, andthere's no use mincing matters, Bobbyhe believes he has the proof to convict you.

He hates all but law-Latin, yet thinks he might be drawn to love a scholar, could he reduce the year to a shorter compass, that his use money might come in the faster.

What's the use seein'?

I have known some use shovel and tongs.

De ole Warren Mitchell place whar ah use tuh live is Guvment land.

Other articles, as the dumb-bells, the Indian club, boxing-gloves, foils, or single-sticks, take up no room, and can be added as his growing taste for their use demands.

Their envious kindness how can I enjoy, When they give blessings, and the use destroy? Ism.

O the great happines which shepheards have, Who so loathes not too much the poore estate 90 With minde that ill use doth before deprave, Ne measures all things by the costly rate Of riotise, and semblants outward brave!

Give me one round of fixed ammunition, Arthur." "There's no use drawing," observed another man, laying down his hand, "Berkley cleans us up as usual.

but I don't believe he ever got nuthin', and I reckon they thought it was no use botherin' about sendin' me, special, in the wagon.

103 Words to use with  uses
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