50 Words to use with vacation

Abe shouted in return, his heart flying as fast as the sail, back to youth and manhood again, back to truant-days and the vacation-time of boyhood.

SUMMER VACATION SCHOOL The Misses Kathleen and Julia Carey announce the opening of classes for private instruction on July 1st, from two to four o'clock daily in the Hamilton Barn.

Most of the other pupils had gone home, for vacation days were near, and study hours were shortened on account of examinations.

Vacation travelcharts and travel chats.

Employees taking vacation leave during the months of December, January, February and March may take fifty-six days, corresponding to two years of service, at one time, and may thus get time to visit Australia, Japan, China, and neighbouring countries.

Pupil's work sheets to accompany the vacation church school text Learning to know Jesus.

The World God made: beginner teacher's vacation Bible school manual.

By Faith Baldwin (Faith Baldwin Cuthrell) (In The American magazine, vacation issue 1947) © 2May47; B73768.

They have provided rest rooms, lunch rooms, vacation houses, and the like.

Handicraft projects for vacation Bible schoolsprimary department.

On my voyage across the Atlantic, I had formed the friendship of a young clergyman, (Rev. O.), of New York, who wished to make a summer vacation tour through western Europe, visiting Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

By helping working girls to find cheap vacation homes in the country, and by establishing vacation banks to help the girls save for their summer outings, the committee hopes to discourage some of the haphazard picnic park dissipation.

That Martial considered it a boy's book appropriate for vacation hours between school tasks is apparent from the inscription: Accipe facundi Culicem, studiose, Maronis, Ne nucibus positis, Arma virumque legas.

It was not long after this that the Christmas vacation hove in sight, and the Dozen forgot the blot upon its escutcheon in the thought of the delight that awaited it in renewing acquaintance with its mothers and other best girls at Lakerim, not to mention the cronies in the club-house.

Yet there were breathing-spaces: there were the long evenings with the poets; with Marlowe, Drayton, Drummond of Hawthornden, and Cowley,"the sweetest names, which carry a perfume in the mention;" there were the visits to the play, the yearly vacation jaunts to sunny Hertfordshire.

In a journey of this sort one gets a very superficial view of the peculiarities, physical and social, which characterize the different portions of our country; and in this there is nothing to complain of, since the knowledge gained in a vacation-journey cannot well be expected to be thorough or profound.

The late Sir James Bacon, who was a great stickler for forensic propriety, and who, sitting in court, would not have allowed a counsel in a white waistcoat to say a word, habitually wore one himself when sitting as vacation judge in the summer.

The eastern forests in the White Mountains, the Adirondacks, and the Appalachians, are not, for the most part, as well developed as recreation grounds as are the western vacation lands.

He was spending his vacation north, with the intention of doing four or six weeks' work in one of the summer schools; he was also going to take a bride back with him in the fall.

In all, only 6,874 of these young toilers, who earn on an average six dollars a week, are provided with vacation outings.

She said in answer to a question that she would be going on to her hospital the day after tomorrowher two weeks' vacation overoh yes, she would finish her course at the hospital; she had only a few more months.

That week, Oliver bought a round trip ticket to Portland, Oregon and a seven day Hawaiian vacation package that left from Portland.

It is hardly too much to say that wherever men spoke seriously of the grounds and prospects of religion, in Oxford, or in Vacation reading-parties, in their walks and social meetings, in their studies or in common-room, the "Tractarian" doctrines, whether assented to or laughed at, deplored or fiercely denounced, were sure to come to the front.

It was the vacation period and all the students were back in their towns, Isagani being the only one who had not cared to leave, but he had disappeared that morning and no one knew his whereaboutsso Basilio had been informed when after leaving the prison he had gone to visit his friend and ask him for lodging.

Let's us do it; shall we?" "I will; but of course there is not enough money to go around, Kitty, even if we all succeed in our vacation plans.

50 Words to use with  vacation