198 Words to use with vegetables

It is hoped, therefore, that this little work will serve as a useful handbook for those desirous of gaining some information, in a brief concise form, of the folk-lore which, in one form or another, has clustered round the vegetable kingdom.

It was weak and feeble at first, but a step removed from vegetable matter.

Its colour is a black ground, thickly interspersed with grey hairs; and its powers as a destroyer and consumer of vegetable food are well known to be enormous, especially by those who have gardens in the vicinity of a rabbit-warren.

Endeavour to keep also a large vegetable marrow,it will be found delicious in the winter.

Indeed, who has ever seen the like of them or of my wonderful vegetable garden in the castle-grounds?

Certain broad laws have a general application throughout both the animal and the vegetable worlds, but the ground common to these kingdoms of nature is not of very wide extent, and the multiplicity of details is so great, that the student of living beings finds himself obliged to devote his attention exclusively either to the one or the other.

Vegetable soup (the bones from the ribs of beef should be boiled down with this soup), cold beef, mashed potatoes.

INGREDIENTS.As much spinach as, when boiled, will half fill a vegetable-dish, 2 quarts of very clear medium stock, No. 105.

He raked it out of the vegetable mould, and lo!

They have little or no commerce with any other people, the valley producing every vegetable production, and the mountains every mineral, which they require; and in fact, they have no foreign intercourse whatever, except when they visit, or are visited from curiosity.

The word is of German origin, and in its German form, brantuein, signifies burnt wine, or wine that has undergone the action of fire; brandies, so called, however, have been made from potatoes, carrots, beetroot, pears, and other vegetable substances; but they are all inferior to true brandy.

Home vegetable gardening.

This was the era of gigantic vegetable growth, and it had its uses; for it was preparing the way for higher and more complicated existences.

These silicious bodies belong partly to the lowly vegetable organisms which are called Diatomaceoe, and partly to the minute, and extremely simple, animals, termed Radiolaria.

Their Nutter is quite the best vegetable cooking fat on the market.

The principal kinds of fat used as food are the fat of meat, butter, suet, and lard; but in many parts of the world various vegetable oils are largely used, as the olive, palm, cotton seed, cocoanut, and almond.

The negroes practising obeah are acquainted with some very powerful vegetable poisons, which they use on these occasions, and by which they acquire much extensive credit.

In another factory a mass of dry vegetable fibre was similarly transformed by machinery alone into a bale of wonderfully light woven drapery resembling satin in lustre, muslin or gauze in texture.

Vegetable oysters, 1 to 2 hours.

It may also be obtained from animal substances, although a vegetable acid.

But more. Suppose once more, then, that looking and watching a pond being cleared out, under the lowest layer of mud, you foundas you would find in any of those magnificent reservoirs so common in the Lancashire hillsa layer of vegetable soil, with grass and brushwood rooted in it.

The vegetable cook book, by Cora, Rose & Bob Brown.

AMONG the numerous vegetable products yielding articles of food for man, the Cereals hold the first place.

It is, too, a familiar fact to students of vegetable physiology that the leaves of Porleria hygrometrica fold down or rise up in accordance with the state of the atmosphere.

Peel the apples, and, with a vegetable-cutter, push out the cores; boil them in the above proportion of sugar and water, without being too much done, and take care they do not break.

198 Words to use with  vegetables
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