97 Words to use with vessel

As if this was not enough to engage whatever attention Carleton had to spare from the internal affairs of Canada, he suddenly heard that the Spaniards had been seizing British vessels trading to a British post on Vancouver Island.

At this time, and after an absence of six months, arrived the magistrate Valdivia, with a vessel laden with different stores; he brought likewise great promises of abundant aid in provisions and men.

Then came the day when Clive and his father travelled together to Southampton, where a group of the Colonel's faithful friends were assembled to say a "God bless you" to their dear old friend, and see the vessel sail.

and Tuthill?ten to one but he writes by this post, if he don't get my note in time, apprising him of the vessel sailing.

Should any unfortunate vessel strike on these coasts, the crew find themselves in the hands of inhuman wreckers.

There I agreed to return again so soon as I could find a vessel fit for the enterprise.

But now secure the painted vessel glides, The sunbeams trembling on the floating tides; While melting music steals upon the sky, And softened sounds along the waters die; Smooth flow the waves, the zephyrs gently play, Belinda smiled, and all the world was gay.

Each submarine carries from one to six torpedoes, each of which is capable of sinking the most heavily armored vessel afloat.

And one upon his shafts, another on his bow, is treading, and one hath loosed the sandal of Adonis, and another hath broken his own feathered quiver, and one in a golden vessel bears water, and another laves the wound, and another, from behind him, with his wings is fanning Adonis....

As a result, the nerves are stimulated, and the vessels contract.

Q.Will a vessel experience more resistance in moving in salt water than in moving in fresh? A.If

So, gracious God, (if it may lawful be, Among those foolish Gods to mention thee) So let me act, on such a private Stage, The last dull Scenes of my declining Age; After long Toils and Voyages in vain, This quiet Port let my toss'd Vessel gain; Of heav'nly Rest, this Earnest to me lend, Let my Life sleep, and learn to love her End.' * * * *

No wonder, then, that Alida felt an amazement which was not quite free from superstitious alarm when, at that hour and in such a scene, she saw a vessel gliding, as it were unaided by sails or sweeps, out of the thicket that fringed the ocean side of the Cove, into its very centre.

"'Eight hundred of the brave, Whose courage well was tried, Had made the vessel heel, And laid her on her side.

The beautiful white vessel hove to outside the entrance to the little bay, a boat came ashore, and twenty minutes after they had first sighted our signal we were on the way to Wellington, New Zealand.

To execute their project of escape, They hasten to the sea, where in a bay Their comrades in the vessel lie

Not succeeding very well in making candles, Garibaldi went again to South America, and became captain of a trading-vessel plying between China and Peru, and then again of a vessel between New York and England.

Q.If a screw and paddle vessel of the same mould and power be tied stern to stern, will not the screw vessel preponderate and tow the paddle vessel astern against the whole force of her engines?

The youth was light, nor could he fill the seat, Or poise the chariot with its wonted weight: But as at sea the unballast vessel rides, Cast to and fro, the sport of winds and tides; So in the bounding chariot tossed on high, The youth is hurried headlong through the sky.

We immediately turned back again, and the captain brought the vessel round in the narrow space in an exceedingly clever way.

In choosing a wife, you follow the craft, And forthwith on the mats the feast-vessels stand.

From this to Natches (232 miles,) the country is not interesting, consisting principally of dense forest and wilderness, impenetrable to the eye, diversified, however, by the various water fowl which the passing vessels disturb, in their otherwise solitary haunts, and by the number of black and grey squirrels leaping from branch to branch in the trees.

It had not been opened for over forty years, since Gerald Mohune, who burst a blood-vessel drinking at Weymouth races, was buried there; but there was a tale that one Sunday afternoon, many years back, there had come from the vault so horrible and unearthly a cry, that parson and people got up and fled from the church, and would not worship there for weeks afterwards.

When the tide is running out swiftly, I have a splendid fight to get through the bridges, but always make it a rule to beat,though I have been jammed up into pretty tight places at times, and was caught once between a vessel swinging round and the pier, until our bones (the boat's, that is) cracked as if we had been in the jaws of Behemoth.

"The vessel bore that shock so well, I have great reliance on her powers," he said in a soothing voice, but with words that were intended to lull her into a blind security.

97 Words to use with  vessel
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