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48 Words to use with  victory

48 Words to use with victory

(In The New Yorker, May 22, 1943) ยฉ 20May43; B586844. Charles Addams (A); 31Dec70; R497760. Victory garden has a skeleton for a scarecrow.

Harold Rice presents Francis B. Martineau's victory bouquet.

Christian victory instruction.

Victory specials.

The victory march; or, The mystery of the treasure chest.

I, who in my studious reading Have such learn`ed lore collected, Who in poetry, that art Which both teacheth and diverteth, May precedence claim o'er many Geniuses so prized at present, Can a surer victory hope for In the great fight that impendeth, Since the music of the soul Is what keeps the mind suspended.

SEE Huey, Edward G. HUFFER, R. C. Gold victory song.

As billows upon billows roll, On victory victory breaks; Ere yet seven days from Richmond's fall And crowning triumph wakes The loud joy-gun, whose thunders run By sea-shore, streams, and lakes.

The simplex victory tax and payroll register.

CRIM, E. D. Victory typing course; touch method.

The victory murders, by Foster Johns, pseud.

Victory typing course; touch method.

The last great effort of the Roman patriots had borne fruit; it brought victory, and with victory peace.

(Victory program)

LEWIS, CLIFFORD. 212 victory poems.

Victory ed., 5th ed.

IV Here, bathed, Perfection, in thy purest ray, Free from the clogs and taints of clay, Hovers divine the Archetypal Man! Dim as those phantom ghosts of life that gleam And wander voiceless by the Stygian stream, Fair as it stands in fields Elysian, Ere down to Flesh the Immortal doth descend: If doubtful ever in the Actual life Each contesthere a victory crowns the end Of every nobler strife.

Weary of the war, with hopes of final victory dwindling month by month, a strong peace party arose in the Reichstag, committing itself to the policy of a peace without annexations or indemnities, and for a brief time the Reichstag refused to vote a war credit.

Back it led him to Marye's slope, Where the shock and the fame he bore; And to green Moss-Neck it guided him Brief respite from throes of war: To the laurel glade by the Wilderness grim, Through climaxed victory naught shall dim, Even unto death it piloted him Stonewall followed his star.

Her face lighted as she read aloud: "Victory perches on my banners.

Jocko, in these sports a sharer, Acts the part of a standard-bearer, While behind him soldiers gay Bugle notes of victory play.

He looksand victory doth quail, That gesture proud obeying!"

It was an ancient hymn she sang,one that she often sang; and that she sang it this day of all days, I copy here the first verse: "Sing, my tongue, the glorious battle, With completed victory rife, And above the Cross's trophy Tell the triumph of the strife, How the world's Redeemer conquered By surrendering of his life.

Oh! when, outstretch'd on that triumphant field, The prostrate Warrior felt his labours seal'd; Felt, 'midst the shout of Victory pealing round, Life's eddying stream fast welling from his wound; Perchance Affection bade her visions rise Wife, children, floated o'er his closing eyes: For them alone he heaved the bitter sigh; Yet for his country glorying thus to die!

Let us be instant, be incisive with our resolution, that peace may not be the mother of another war, and our own victory rout ourselves.

On what a throne did this moral victory seat the future pontiffs of the Eternal City!

Soldiers marching in triumphofficers mounted, and flags of victory streaming on the sky.

Together, the free peoples of Europe and America have now to carry it to victory victory, just, necessary, and final.

To Pallas, who hath saved us living, To Pallas bear this victory-vow!" Then rose the old man from his room, The merry damsel left her loom, And each bound death about his brow With minstrelsy and high thanksgiving!

The banner of victory waves right over your dungeon of defeat.

The banquet loveth peace, and by a gentle song a victory flourisheth afresh, and beside the bowl the singer's voice waxeth brave.

It was in the autumn of the victory year, 1918, and the German armies were being pushed back all along the line from Switzerland to the sea.

Your speed rich victory attendeth on: But your delay May give your foes the happy glorious day.

Soon will the mud-spattered soldier be free; Soon will the sailor be home from the sea: Victory beams on the banners of Right, This is the time to be merry and bright; Stilled is the riot of shot and of shard

But what signifies to France the loss of such renown as victory bestows?

From both the fleets men's eyes are bent this way, Neglecting all the business of the day; Bullets their flight, and guns their noise suspend; The silent ocean does th'event attend, Which leader shall the doubtful victory bless, And give an earnest of the war's success; When Heaven itself, for England to declare, Turns ship, and men, and tackle, into air.

"] On the whole I can't think the cast was up to its extremely difficult task, if you estimate that task, as it seems to me you must, to be the reproducing of the original Victory characters.

With more facility, than when the Dart Arm'd with resistless fire first seiz'd my Heart; 'Twas long then e'er the Boy could entrance get, And make his little Victory compleat; And now he'as got the knack on't, 'tis with ease He domineers, and enters when he please.

But we to his kindred, and we to his cause, When Albyn her claymore indignantly draws; When her bonneted chieftains to victory crowd, Clanranald the dauntless, and Moray the proud; All plaided and plumed in their tartan array

Here he hid, and returned to camp next day; he was so near the place of the fight that he had seen the victory dance of the Indians over their slain and mutilated foes.

Aside from the victory-defeat relationship which led to political realignments during the post-war years, the essence of the experience is to be found in the UNESCO phrase "weakened in every way".

As soon as the matter is settled, they go at it again till victory determine in favour of the lucky man.

Thou shalt return with victory, For victory embarks with thee.

His truth protecting, Prayer and duty ne'er neglecting, Fearless, victory expecting, Prepare you for the fray! FOOTNOTES: Born 1851; ordained 1874; died 1877.

The squadron consisted of the London, which acted as flagship, the Victory frigate, the Revenge and Defiance grabs, the Hunter galley, two gallivats, a bombketch, a fireship, and a number of fishing-boats for landing troops.

She gained her crown a gem of flame When KNEASS fell dead in victory gory; New splendor blazed upon her name When IVES' young life went out in glory!

At this juncture came a welcome breeze, bringing up the Victory grab, which had witnessed the fight without being able to take part in it, and the Angrians drew off.

thou art gone, the true and brave, And the haughty joy of victory hath died upon thy grave: There are many round my throne to stand, and to march where I lead on; There was one to love me in the worldmy brother!