68 Words to use with wagon

We next hear of him cracking the bull-whacker's whip, and commanding a wagon-train through a wild and dangerous country to the far West.

Substantial wagon-roads have also been built through the Carson and Johnson passes, near the head of Lake Tahoe, over which immense quantities of freight were hauled from California to the mining regions of Nevada, before the construction of the Central Pacific Railroad.

This made seventy-five wagon loads, or 450,000 pounds of supplies, mostly provisions, which never reached General Johnson's command, to which they had been consigned.

Then he told her the story of the cow, and of how the twins, endeavoring to follow the example of some of the Canadians whom they had seen locking their wagon-wheels with a chain when going down the Souris hill, had made a slight mistake in the location of the chain and hobbled the oxen, with disastrous results.

In this way I became acquainted with many wagon-masters, hunters and teamsters, and learned a great deal about the business of handling cattle and mules.

Q.Will you explain the construction and action of the single-acting engine, used for draining mines? A.Permit me then to begin with the boiler, which is common and necessary to all engines; and I will take the example of a wagon boiler, such as was employed by Boulton and Watt universally in their early engines, and which is still in extensive use.

She had thrown the linen coat over the seat of an old wagon-bed that lay near.

The wagon-boxes were very commodiousbeing as large as the rooms of an ordinary houseand were covered with two heavy canvas sheets to protect the merchandise from the rain.

he shouted, standing upon the wagon seat and waving his stop-watch.

I was plodding along, wearily enough, thinking of all this, when I heard my name called, and glancing up, saw Allen looking round the corner of the wagon cover.

And again Duchemin wondered... Having rested, he picked himself up, found his road, a mere trail of wagon tracks, and mindful of the cooling drinks to be had in the Café de l'Univers, put his best foot foremost.

However important it may be for the lumberman, the miner, the wagon-maker, the railroad man, the house-builder,for every industry,that conservation should obtain, when all is said and done, conservation goes back in its directest application to one body in this country, and that is to the children.

Now this ship was an old wagon-body, and had never been in water deeper than a mud puddle.

A fresh young voice in the kitchen was singing a song to the brave accompaniment of a twanging banjo: "When I was a-goin' down the road With a tired team an' a heavy load, I cracked my whip an' the leader sprung, An' he almost busted the wagon tongue.

" Together they pulled the heavy bobsled up the hill and crossed over the hollow, taking a wagon trail that led up over another hill.

Georgia was soon hauled out safely through the opening in the back of the wagon sheets, but you were nowhere in sight, and father was sure you were smothering because you did not answer his call.

The crowd huddled back to either sidewalk, forced by the opening lines of the escort backed against it, till the long, shelled wagon-way gleamed white and bare.

The station wagon murder.

It was the wagon tire, and he saw it crushing and killing the grass at the side of the road, or rolling and flattening down the dust in long streaks.

Olsen was rushing thirty combine threshers, three engine threshing-machines, forty wagon-teams, and over a hundred men well known to him.

When we arrived at the town about 40 wagon drivers that were in the car did not show up, and they had to press everybody that could drive a team into the service to haul the stuff to the lot, and pa drove four horses so well with a load of tent poles that the manager complimented pa, and that gave pa the big head.

I stayed out in the wagon yard.

Old covered wagon show days.

The wagon-brake, instead of the lock-chain, is a great and very valuable improvement made during the War.

The chicken-wagon family.

68 Words to use with  wagon