15 Words to use with webbed

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Then he kicked off his web-feet, turned back a few paces uphill, and sat down on a spruce stump, folded his arms, and waited.

Block pattern for spider web crochet, bedroom set no. 23-12-11.

And on this particular occasion well might he, for, during the night, I had woven a spider-web net in which I intended to enmesh him.

In this crude manner are obtained the threads for the celebrated web nipis de [Piña.]

After the field batteries came the horse artillery and after the horse artillery the pom-pomseach drawn by a pair of sturdy draught horses driven with web reins by a soldier sitting on the limberand after the pom-poms an interminable line of machine- guns, until one wondered where Krupp's found the time and the steel to make them all.

For one thing he used the web shoes as an expert does.

The apparatus of the diver could go down but a few meters; their only instrument of exploration was the metal diving-bell, less important than a spider-web thread that might try to explore the earth by floating across its atmosphere.

When through thine eyes the light of Heav'n doth shine Upon my being, and thy whisper brings, As the soft rustling of an angel's wings, Joy to my soul and peace and grace divine; When thus thy body and thy soul combine To weave the mystic web thy beauty flings Around my heart, whose thrilling silence rings With Hope's unuttered songs that make thee mine, Ah, then, O Love!

Conspiracy theorists, web activists and open-minded leftists, already suspicious of the narratives presented through television, found themselves falling prey to a falsified email letter from a Brazilian schoolteacher, claiming that video footage of Palestinians celebrating the attacks had actually been shot years earlier during the Gulf War.

Then my fancy wandered down the Champs Elysées to those multitudinous spider-web wires that radiate from the palace of the Tuileries, where the Imperial spider sits plotting and weaving his meshes around the liberties of France.

A huge, black hull, with white passenger decks, rising tier on tier, four huge red funnels with black tops, and slender masts, between which hung the spider-web aerials of her wireless apparatus.

Though gold and silk their charms unite To make thy curious web delight, In vain the varied work would shine, If wrought by any hand but thine; Thy hand, that knows the subtler art To weave those nets that catch the heart.

In cunning rich and practised in deceit A web ensnaring let the stranger weave To snare the stranger's feet; between us twain Be truth!

15 Words to use with  webbed