5 Words to use with whisking

The porter was out with his box, but it was the boys who assisted the girls to alight, and Dick who tipped the knight of the whisk-broom.

When the carpets are of the kind known as velvet-pile, they require to be swept firmly by a hard whisk brush, made of cocoanut fibre.

Well whisk egg, and add to it the milk and water.

Come, Meg and El-len, don't com-plain, For, see, the geese en-joy the rain, And dog-gie does not fret; And yet, The drops come rol-ling down his ears, And nose, and whisk-ers, just like tears; Poor Mop, he's drip-ping wet!

Certainly Alcatraz would never come within whisking distance of her tail!

5 Words to use with  whisking