22 Words to use with wilder

Some of them unite with him in participating the dangers of combat with an enemy, and others assist him in the chase, in exterminating wilder sorts, or banishing them from the haunts of civilization.

"I've seen a wilder stream ere now Than that which rushes there; I've stemmed a heavier torrent yet And never thought to dare.

The boy followed as well as he could, using all his strength, but they were both dashed back again and again, till at last a wilder wave caught them up and cast them down beside Ruth.

All we that are called Women, know as well as men, it were a far more noble thing to grace where we are grace't, and give respect there where we are respected: yet we practise a wilder course, and never bend our eyes on men with pleasure, till they find the way to give us a neglect: then we, too late, perceive the loss of what we might have had, and dote to death.

R.N., Thus by the Cam we meet again; And, as in wilder sterner days, We shared the ocean's dreary ways In fellowship of single aim, I never doubt we'll do the same By sunny Cam in happier times; And therefore, if through these my rhymes Some gentle banter slyly flits, Forgive me, Sirsand call it quits.

In "the palaces of nature," he first felt the consciousness of having done some wrong, and when he would infuse into another, albeit in a wilder degree, the feelings he had himself felt, he recalled the images which had ministered to the cogitations of his own contrition.

I saw it now leaping up from its favorite perch on a tree-top much in the manner I had observed before, but now it was in a different mood and seemed to mount thus spirit-like upon the wilder ecstasies, and floating fall upon the subsiding cadence, of that passionate song it poured into the listening ear of love, for I could see his mate, with fainter bars across her wings, where she sat upon a thornbush near, and listened.

Lacking wilder excitement Madame sat by a lamp knitting a nubia.

Their rapid feet the fugitive pursue; They only pause to start a wilder fear.

Suddenly a wilder gust shook the house perceptibly.

Natural and proper as this may be on the wilder hills and poorer soils, it is easy to see how unnatural and intolerable it appears in fertile and accessible districts.

A wilder agony was on hers as he held her from him, rigid; "Enough!"

A thunder-storm would not have broken more quickly, or could not have created a wilder pandemonium.

"No, darling, I have never shared his wilder pleasures.

though Judgment's self admired Those wanton strains which Virtue blush'd to hear; While pamper'd Passion from the scene retired, With wilder rage to urge his fierce career.

And of all the varied forms of the literature of joy, the form most truly worthy of moral reverence and artistic ambition is the form called 'farce'or its wilder shape in pantomime.

Miss Annathat her home is in ashes?" Anna gave a wilder start: "Oh, no-o-oh!

It is no marvel if the acquaintance of his wilder times know him not, for he is quite another from himself; and if his mind could have had any intermission of dwelling within his breast, it could not have known this was the lodging.

Every day the increasing water as it descended the weirs made a wilder tumult.

Birds sing His praises in a wilder note, But not with lasting numbers and with thought, Man's great prerogative!

The Indian towns nearest the frontier knew that they were jeopardized by the acts of their wilder brethren, and generally strove to avoid committing any offense themselves.

The man was an impostor, a tool, as criminal as his employernot the footprint on the sand was more suggestive to Robinson Crusoe than that luminous streak to me, nor the cause of wilder conjecture.

22 Words to use with  wilder