83 Words to use with wildernesses

Give a month to the enjoyment of a wilderness-life, and you will return to your labors invigorated in strength, buoyant in spirita wiser, healthier, and a better man.

"Our friends and brethren in Cadereita tried hard to deter us from going, as most likely we would fall into the hands of General Cortinas; in which event, they said, the very utmost we could expect would be to escape with our lives, being left destitute of everything, in a wilderness road; but, as God had seemed to open up the way, providing the means, we determined to go forward, trusting that He also would protect us in the way.

And all these sounds of the wilderness night spoke to the little cub of some new thing, of swift feet that follow and of something unknown and terrible that waits for all unwary wild things.

Among those who took part under him in this piece of exploration were the present Captain Amilcar and Lieutenant Lyra; and two better or more efficient men for such wilderness work it would be impossible to find.

The true wilderness wanderer, on the contrary, must be a man of action as well as of observation.

Three wilderness scouts.

The wilderness singer.

Upper Mississippi; a wilderness saga. Illustrated by David & Lolita Granahan.

Fenris was only a fellow wilderness creature, a pack brother of the dark forests, and he had no further cause for fear.

Recently, in Guiana, a wilderness veteran, Andre, lost two-thirds of his party by starvation.

I merely wish to make it plain that this excellent work must not be put in the class with that of the wilderness explorer.

It flowed with such grandeur in its silence and solitude; old and gray and austere, it was a mighty expression of wilderness power,resistless, immortal, eternally secretive.

As I stood among these simple people, so earnest in making their experiment in religion and social life, and remembered all the persecutions they had suffered and all they had accomplished in that desolate, far-off region, where they had, indeed, made "the wilderness blossom like the rose," I appreciated, as never before, the danger of intermeddling with the religious ideas of any people.

He was a Huron, a capable warrior with his five senses developed well, and in normal times he was ambitious and eager for distinction in his wilderness world, but just now he did not dream that any one from the fort could be near.

But this wilderness battle was not yet done.

"Is he one whom the wilderness folk have ravished from some Christian mother?" "No, Dorothy, this poor child is no captive from the wilderness," he replied.

The silence is a forest silence, and if the air is tense and electric, it is because certain wilderness forces that no white man can name but which surely dwell in the darker thickets have risen and are in possession.

Oddly enough, the awe that the wilderness dweller knows at the sight of some great, mysterious canyon or towering peak seems to increase, rather than decrease, with familiarity.

Again, he followed the old wagon road to the cedar thicket; and, in the little, grassy opening with its wild roses, its encircling wilderness growth, and its old log house under the sheltering sycamores, saw a beautiful girl dancing with the unconscious grace of a woodland sprite, her arms upheld in greeting to the mountains.

Proposals for the prohibition of slavery in these wilderness regions were included in the first projects for establishing governments in them.

In obedience to the instincts working half blindly within their breasts, spurred ever onwards by the fierce desires of their eager hearts, they made in the wilderness homes for their children, and by so doing wrought out the destinies of a continental nation.

XLI It was a wilderness moon that rose over the spruce to-night,white as new silver, incredibly large, inscrutably mysterious.

He was in every respect the wilderness hunter and warrior, fitted perfectly by the Supreme Hand into his setting, and if an enemy appeared now he would fight as his people had fought for centuries, and the customs and feelings of the new races that had come across the ocean would be nothing to him.

It was his first taste of wilderness warfare, and he knew that he had done well.

When he saw the faint trace of a large moccasin on the earth all that was left of the spell departed suddenly and he became at once the wilderness warrior, active, alert, ready to read every sign.

83 Words to use with  wildernesses
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