224 Words to use with wind

"It is, doubtless, a very spectacular and very stirring performance to cast your cap over the wind-mill in the face of the world; but, after all, is it not a bit foolish, Patricia?

Though so remote, the hum of the moving throng, and the higher strains of the wind-instruments, came, from time to time, to the ears of its inmates, mellowed and thrilling by distance.

And when ye see the south wind blow, ye say, There will be heat; and it cometh to pass.

I have oftentimes feasted on the beauty of these noble trees when they were towering in all their winter grandeur, laden with snowone mass of bloom; in summer, too, when the brown, staminate clusters hang thick among the shimmering needles, and the big purple burs are ripening in the mellow light; but it is during cloudless wind-storms that these colossal pines are most impressively beautiful.

Give woman the 16th Commendment and we can cry "peece" ontil our wind-pipes are collored, but not a darned bit of peece will we git, except occashunly a peece is nockt off of our snoot, for refusin' to get up early Monday mornin's to do the washin'.)

Shelley describes it as one of the flowers growing with the sensitive plant in that garden where: "The pied wind flowers and the tulip tall, And narcissi, the fairest among them all, Who gaze on their eyes in the stream's recess, Till they die at their own dear loveliness.

I was about to get down from my crotch in the tree, and was just reaching out my dexter leg to feel if I could touch a bough below me, when a low, wild shriek ran along the wire,as when the wind-harp, above referred to for illustration, is blown upon by some rude, sharp northwester.

" In England (as exposed by trusty spies) We are reduced to starve on dog and thistles; London, with all her forts, in ashes lies; Through Scarboro's breached redoubts the sea-wind whistles: And Margate, quite unmanned, Would cause no trouble if you cared to land.

He must go round and find a landing to lee, but to go round he must cross the belt of breaking water, with the savage wind abeam.

The temperature was at 55° below zero, so that we had on wind-clothes over our anoraks, and heavy foot-bandages under our Lap boots.

"No; but she will as soon as the wind shifts to bring her in.

my native shore Fades o'er the waters blue, The night-winds sigh, the breakers roar, And shrieks the wild sea-mew.

Ever and anon the moon sent down a feeble ray 'neath which the road lay a-glimmer 'twixt the gloom of the woods, whence came groans and wailings with every wind-gust, whereat Roger quailed, and fumbling at his sword-hilt, pressed closer upon Beltane.

His friend looks blank; he begins to smell a rat; wind veers about; he acknowledges her good sense, her judgment in dress, a certain simplicity of manners and honesty of heart, something too in her manners which gains upon you after a short acquaintance;and then her accurate pronunciation of the French language, and a pretty, uncultivated taste in drawing.

The trees that grew in this elevated region were not tall enough to act as wind breaks; they were hardly more than shrubs a great deal of the time, and merely served to force him into detours around dense hedges.

You that can look through heaven, and tell the stars; Observe their kind conjunctions, and their wars; Find out new lights, and give them where you please To those men honours, pleasures, to those ease; You that are God's surveyors, and can show How far, and when, and why the wind doth blow; Know all the charges of the dreadful thunder, And when it will shoot over, or fall under; Tell meby all your art I conjure ye

Wind light from south-east.

A wind-bag his wife wi' the brag!

The wind wheel is of the rosette type, built without any joints, which gives it the name "solid wheel," in contradistinction to wheels made with loose sections or fans hinged to the arms or spokes, and known as "section wheel mills.

It was a fair, calm night, but moonless, with but little wind stirring, and a slight haze in the air, obscuring the vision.

anemography^, aerodynamics; wind gauge, weathercock, vane, weather- vane, wind sock; anemometer, anemoscope^. sufflation^, insufflation^, perflation^, inflation, afflation^; blowing, fanning &c v.; ventilation. sneezing &c v.; errhine^; sternutative^, sternutatory^; sternutation; hiccup, hiccough; catching of the breath.

Children who twist their mouths, or squint, are warned that, if the wind changes, their contortions will remain.

The tallest specimens, growing in sheltered hollows somewhat beneath the heaviest wind-currents, are from eighty to a hundred feet high, and from two to four feet in diameter.

The advent of steam caused a cessation in the progress of wind power, and it was comparatively neglected for many years.

If the wind increase, as I think it may, we shall see this chilling sheet of ice succeeded by the more cheerful view of water.

224 Words to use with  wind