135 Words to use with wintry

So did the others, and as the fairy shout echoed through the belfry a troop of shadowy figures, with faces lovely or grotesque, tragical or gay, sailed by on the wings of the wintry wind and waved their hands to the spirits of the bells.

In his first battle at Malmesbury the wintry storm and driving rain which beat in the face of Stephen's troops showed on which side Heaven fought.

EXTEMPORE VERSES Lowering as Barkaidy's face The wintry night came in, Cold as the music of his bass, And lengthen'd as his chin.

Dawnthen a blue, wintry sky, the color and hardness of enamel; and sunshine, bright, yet so far off the eye could stare up to it unsquinting.

There was Arthur Weldon and Uncle John, Patricia and Beth; and all, as they saw the detective, cried with one voice: "Where's Louise?" Fogerty had just managed to close the door against the wintry blast when the answer came from the stairway just above: "She is gone!"

" Thus musing, thus muttering, he plodded up the road, his insignificant figure an unpromising break in the monotonous white of the wintry landscape.

The wintry dawn is beginning to creep through the windows, and shows the bare discomfort of the old room.

The short wintry day had ended, the gas-lamps were lit, and the darkness of night was gradually creeping on.

The men looked like shadows moving about in a cold fog on a frosty, cold, wintry morning.

She gave me a little wintry smile but the tears kep a' comin' an' by an' bye she got up and went out, an' ef she don't imitate the Prophet Jeremi an' water her piller with her tears this night, then I've changed my name sence mornin'.

He walked into the house one cold, wintry afternoon and lay calmly down by the fire.

What though upon a wintry sea our life bark sails, What though we tremble 'neath its cruel gales, Its icy blast; We see a happy port lie far before, We see its shining waves, its sunny shore, Where we shall wander, and forget the troubled past, At last.

WINTER-TIME Late lies the wintry sun a-bed, A frosty, fiery sleepy-head; Blinks but an hour or two; and then, A blood-red orange, sets again.

A tiny spring-bud peeping forth From a withered wintry tree.

The capture of Erzerum was effected in bitter wintry weather.

But in the firing party of Red Marines, whose volleys rang through the wintry air over the body of Trehayne, I espied one whom I was glad to see present.

" He thereupon drew back one of the curtains, and a broad ray of yellow, wintry sunshine illumined the dim room.

All was quiet in the house: soft breathing of the sleepers, soft murmuring of the spring wind outside, a wintry moon very clear and full in the skies, a little town all hushed and quiet, everything lying defenceless, unconscious, in the safe keeping of God.

" "I can't get Langley's terrible face out of my mind," whimpered Letty, cuddling close to Ailsa, as they lay in bed in the wintry darkness.

Though wintry clouds are in the air And the dead leaves unburied lie, Nor open is the violet's eye, I see new beauty everywhere.

"As nature will be over-bounteous in one season, strewing so many flowers in our path that we do underprize them till they are lost, and all the world seems stricken with wintry desolation.

She feared those very winds that ran about the wintry forest.

An intense melancholy shadowed her face, as she thus gazed with brooding eyes on the naked monotony of those wintry hills.

Carawash, Sultan of Mousel, being one wintry evening engaged in a party of pleasure along with Barkaidy, Ebn Fahdi, Abou Jaber, and the improvisatore poet, Ebn Alramacram, resolved to divert himself at the expense of his companions.

Here in this wintry region George might enjoy himself agreeably to his wishes, for the Laplanders travel in sledges drawn by the swift reindeer; but I fear he would find it difficult to keep his seat, as the sledge is but of narrow dimensions and easily upset, while the animal requires a great deal of management to guide him properly.

135 Words to use with  wintry