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They were fewa muffler, a travelling-cap, a book or two, some foreign newspapers, a Russian word-book, a flask, the various odds and ends, small unimportant things which a voyager by sea and land picks up.

Descriptive-word index to the 1st and 2d

R93696, 10Apr52, Maybelle Hope McIntyre (W) MACK, S. E. Scripture cross word puzzles.

I asked, angrily, of Sergeant Corney, when I had turned away in disgust from a group of men who were painting horrible word-pictures, and the old soldier had followed me to the parade-ground beyond sound of such words.

Word cards, set 1-5, by Bessie B. Coleman, Willis L. Uhl, and James F. Hosic.

But to see the drift of so many cares, his mind should first have affixed some meaning to these words power and reputation; he should be apprised that there are men who consider as something the looks of the rest of mankind, who know how to be happy and satisfied with themselves on the testimony of others sooner than upon their own.

Coquenil had seen this picture in one of the boulevard theaters and, straightway, after the precious nine-second clew of the word test, he had sent Papa Tignol off for it posthaste, during the supper intermission.

The framers of the constitution disliked to tarnish the instrument by using the word slave, and adopted this euphemism.

Surely when, after having reviled M. Tissot almost personally, he describes his works as painted with "muck, wine-sauce, and mud," it is difficult not to answer with a tu quoque as far as this word-painting is concerneddifficult not to see here some morbid and "frightful appetite for the hideous" struggling with the healthy appetite for better things.

table, chart, database; index, inverted file, word list, concordance.

Diagnostic reading tests, section 4: word attack, part 2, silent; scores.

SEE Whitford, William G. Basic reading tests: Word recognition test 1, Sentence meaning test 1, and Word recognition test 2; preliminary printing.

In furtherance of this idea, class talks, word study, the structure of sentences, drills on certain correct forms of expression, the proper arrangement of ideas, explanation of phrases and literary expressions, oral and written reproductions of narrations and descriptions, and exercises in original composition, all receive the attention which their importance demands.

SECOND GENERAL EXERCISE Copy both sections (the first consists of fairly familiar terms, the second of less familiar terms) of each of the following word-groups.

NM: new words section.

Not a change, not the flicker of one had passed over his countenance at my utterance of the word man.

The committee will observe the distinction between the two words migration and importation.

There is an unconscious propriety in the way in which, in all European languages, the word person is commonly used to denote a human being.

[Footnote 2: A word-play may be here intended between sun and son: a little more than kintoo much

The word exercise, however, is used usually in a narrower sense as applied to those movements that are effected by the contraction of the voluntary muscles.

This custom is kept up to this day among the Jews, and the word buy is still used to describe the transaction.

The actual word religion, which, to him, expressed being bound, did not appeal to Froebel so much as one which expressed One-ness with God.

But I came here all the way to break the news proper, by word o' mouth.

A Southern girl with the word love on a young man's lips would have become a Circe of seductive wooing until the tale were told, even though she could not give her heart in return.

778 Words to use with  worded
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