369 Words to use with works

Priscilla bead work book no. 1.

We's all des human, des common clay, Des needs a little help to make work play.

Dropping her work-basket, she ran to the edge of the rock, and making a trumpet of her hands, called out: "Ahoy there!

The wine was of his own sending, and so were the China firescreens, and the sandal-wood work-box, and the ivory card case, and those magnificent pink and white chessmen, carved like little sepoys and mandarins, with the castles on elephants' backs, George the Third and his queen in pink ivory against the Emperor of China and lady in whitethe delight of Clive's childhood, the chief ornament of the old spinster's sitting-room.

" So a dear little book-case was bought, also of bird's-eye maple, and a pretty little work-table, with a low chair to match.

In the first month of the war the Frauendienst opened work-rooms in all great centers; machinery was installed by magic and through the six work-rooms in Berlin alone twenty-three thousand women were given paid employment in one week.

There, mark you, is a Sikh embroiderer from Lahore; here is a Mahomedan fitter from the railway work-shops; this one keeps a tea shop in the Nall Bazaar, that one is a pedlar; and him you see smiling in his sleep, he is a seaman just arrived from a long voyage.

But not being able to prevail with them, he set at liberty some slaves from the work-houses, and began to assault Cosa in the district of Thurinum.

The captains were occupied with their own work day and night, and gave much food and drink to the crews, so that they used such despatch that in one day and one night, by morning they had finished one side of the ship, very well executed, though with great labor in drawing out the water from the ship, which leaked very much lying thus on one side.

Many's the time you've come after what I'd ha' called work hours to see my wifeyes, in the middle of the night, more than once or twice; and why shouldn't I do the same?

COLCORD, JOANNA C. Emergency work relief.

At an early hour of the morning was heard its piercing summons to the work-people, and all the night long its glare illuminated the sky.

Scattered about the floor, and on rudely-constructed work-benches, as though the persons using them had hastily abandoned their employment, were many curious-looking tools and machines, together with heaps of metal of different sizes, and in different stages of manufacture, from the merely moulded shape to the finished shilling or guinea.

She was dressed as a work-girl also, but in striped silk with a real lace apron and a few diamonds.

SEE Social work year book, 1929.

Miss Kaufman fumbling in her flowered work-bag, finally curling her foot up under her, her needle flashing and shirring through one of the pink flounces.

He was not much used to that kind of labor, and I was about giving up the idea of making a work-horse of him, when one of the men called to me that there were some buffaloes coming over the hill.

pb id='170.png' /> SALISBURY, RACHEL. Better work habits.

Form N. Test B: Work-study skills: test, directions for administering, directions for scoring.

Ruskin's theory is that the purpose of all education is to acquire power to bless and to redeem human society; and that in this noble work woman must always play the leading part.

Now that your learnéd hand with labour new Of pen and ink a worthier work hath done, What erst you lacked, what still remained her own, The power of giving life, is gained for you.

If only the soul of man, infinite in its capacity, could be enamoured of God, it would at once work miracles and attain to Deity. XXIII.

The greatest engineering work man ever attempted, the profoundest change he has ever made in the geographical face of the globe, has been successfully accomplished.

Sucklers, old, infirm and pregnant receive the same allowances as full-work hands.

2. The high rent for large business premises, especially in London, makes for the small workshop or home-work system.

369 Words to use with  works