29 Words to use with worshipped

Special day sermons with worship outlines.

R93253, 7Apr52, David Stone (A) STOWELL, JAY S. More story-worship programs.

She continued to teach school and hold worship services on Sunday.

Children's worship story-sermons.

I cry your worship mercy, Mistress Warman: The squire, your husband, was his servant once.

O sweet Sir, keep your good morrow to cool your Worships pottage; a couple of the worlds fools met together to raise up dirt and dunghils.

Seventy-five stories for the worship hour.

The best thing for the rheum Sir, That falls into your worships eyes.

Examples of ancestor-worship follow.

All their hope is to acquire Worship goods and worldly weal; When they have their mind's desire, Then such witless Joy they feel, That in folly they believe Those True Joys they then receive.

You just nicked my palate; for, with all due decorum and leave may it be spoken, my worship hath taken physic to-day, and being low and puling, requireth to be pampered.

God give your worship joy.

[40] The indications of this nature-worship lie scattered on the surface of the Old Testament so plainly that no one can fail to notice them.

True, whilst they are free: But power once lost, farewell their sanctity: 'Tis power, to which the gods their worship owe, Which, uncontrouled, makes all things just below: Thou dost the plea of saucy rebels use; They will be judge of what their prince must chuse: Hard fate of monarchs, not allowed to know When safe, but as their subjects tell them so.

And for that I know your worship, with great peril and daunger haue past these monstrous and bottomlesse sees, am therfore the more encouraged to desire & pray your worships patronage & defence therof, requesting you with all to pardon those imperfections, which I acknowledge to be very many, & so much the more, by reason of my long & many years continuance in foreine countries.

In the afternoon, with Charlie Eager, a guest at the Annexe, I went to the worship-place of the Chinese, on the Broom Road.

Milo, by continuance Grew from a silly Calf (with your worships reverence)

O Monsieur Flores, mee be your worships servant; mee lay my hand under your Lordships foote by my trot.

The quarterns, tertians, and quotidians That will hang like Sargeants on his worships shoulders!

Great Capricornus, of thy head take keep: Good Virgo, watch, while that thy worship sleep;

At eight o'clock, when the little maids went up to the shrine, happy as kittens let out for a romp, they forgot even to look Buddha-ward and took up their worship time in playing tag.

O Lord, if this little band be vanquished idolatry will prevail and thy pure worship cease from off the earth.

This involuntary conscience that reproaches us with such laxity in our Nature-worship witnesses how instinctive that worship is, and how much we unconsciously depend on Nature for our impulses and our moods.

From now on, primogeniture was retained in the field of ritual and religion down to the present time: only the oldest son of the main wife represents the family in the ancestor worship ceremonies; only the oldest son of the emperor could become his successor.

He was, and still is, a work-is-worship chap.

29 Words to use with  worshipped