29 Words to use with yielding

"Yield thee, sir knightyield thee!" was the cry.

Careful as he was to conciliate opposing prejudices, he was yet first in the field, and this motto to the first of his series of Milton papers, Yield place to him, Writers of Greece and Rome, is as the first trumpet note of the one herald on a field from which only a quick ear can yet distinguish among stir of all that is near, the distant tramp of an advancing host.

in the S. of France, being a portion of Languedoc; yields cereals, wine, &c., and is rich in minerals.

Ye ocean waves, that, whereso'er ye roll, Yield homage only to eternal laws!

Then they sang: Behold ye how these crystal streams do glide, To comfort pilgrims by the highway-side, The meadows green, besides their fragrant smell, Yield dainties for them; and he who can tell What pleasant fruit, yea, leaves, these trees do yield, Will soon sell all, that he may buy this field.

Piperidine hydrochlorate, also, when heated with excess of bromine to 180° C., yields dibrompyridine.

And, through the win-ter's cold and snow, We trust-ed that God's care would bring The green and ten-der blade in spring, Which che-rished by the sun and rain Of sum-mer, now has yield-ed grain In au-tumn, when the reap-er leaves His cot to cut and bind the sheaves, And load with them the nod-ding wain Which bears them home-ward from the plain.

But if within the trusting heart Goodness and innocence have part; If we God's holy law fulfil, And bow submissive to his will, Then shall the heart, like some sweet flow'r, That's lightly pluck'd from beauty's bow'r, And rudely crush'd beneath the feet, Yield fragrance far more pure and sweet Than when in sunshine and the dew, A fair and beauteous flow'r it grew, The Old Castle.

And yet we have; these scanty prayers Yield gold without alloy: O God!

CALABRIA (1,500), a fertile prov. embraced in the SW. peninsula of Italy, and traversed by the Apennines, with tunny and anchovy fisheries; yields grains and fruits, and a variety of minerals; is inhabited by a race of somewhat fiery temper; is much subject to earthquakes.

How much Wil-lie had to tell his mo-ther of his la-bour, and what he ow-ed to the won-der-ful gi-ant hands, pre-serv-ing him through all dan-gers, and e-ver yield-ing him as-sist-ance!

Love's cheat yields joy and profit.

FERNANDO PO (25), a mountainous island, with an abrupt and rocky coast, in the Bight of Biafra, W. Africa; the volcano, Mount Clarence (9300 ft.), rises in the N.; is covered with luxuriant vegetation, and yields maize and yams, some coffee, and palm-oil and wine; is inhabited by the Bubis, a Bantu tribe; is the chief of the Spanish Guinea Isles.

BRAZZA (22), an island in the Adriatic, belonging to Austria; is richly wooded; noted for its wines; yields marble.

But most unfortunately came too late: Why didst thou yield obedience to that Devil, Which urg'd thee to destroy this Innocent? Alcip.

Morphine, rapidly distilled over zinc dust, yields phenanthren, trimethyl-amine, pyrrol, pyridine, quinoline, and other bases.

V. cause pleasure, produce pleasure, create pleasure, give pleasure, afford pleasure, procure pleasure, offer pleasure, present pleasure, yield pleasure &c 827.

The weighing beam is kept balanced after the yield point is reached and the maximum load, and at least one point beyond it, noted.

When distilled with potassium hydrate, quinine yields quinoline and its homologues.

We have often thought that angling alone offers to man the degree of half-business, half-idleness, which the fair sex find in their needle-work or knitting, which, employing the hands, leaves the mind at liberty, and occupying the attention so far as is necessary to remove the painful sense of a vacuity, yet yields room for contemplation, whether upon things heavenly or earthly, cheerful or melancholy.

They deck the earth, yield verdure, fragrant flowers, and delicious fruits.

Their wines, which are in great abundance, yield water, and the grape stones are like hail; I imagine, indeed, that whenever the wind shakes their vines and bursts the grape, then comes down amongst us what we call hail.

Why is a species of myrtle called the wax-tree? Because the leaves and stem, when bruised, and boiled in water, yield wax, which concretes on cooling.

VAUCLUSE (valley shut in) (235), department in the SE. of France; chief industries agriculture, silk-weaving, pottery, &c., and with a village of the name, 19 m. E. of Avignon, famous for its fountain and as the retreat of Petrarch for 16 years. VAUD (247), a canton in the W. of Switzerland, between Jura and the Bernese Alps; is well cultivated, yields wines, and its inhabitants Protestants; the capital is Lausanne.

V. consent; assent &c 488; yield assent, admit, allow, concede, grant, yield; come round, come over; give into, acknowledge, agnize^, give consent, comply with, acquiesce, agree to, fall in with, accede, accept, embrace an offer, close with, take at one's word, have no objection.

29 Words to use with  yielding