28 Words to use with zigzag

Finally Miss de Long rose, moving through the zigzag paths of empty tables toward a deserted dressing-room.

" RETREAT SEEN FROM THE SKY The best view of the retreating German armies was obtained, according to a Paris report, by a French military airman, who, ascending from a point near Vitry, flew northward across the Marne and then eastward by way of Rheims down to the region of Verdun and back again in a zigzag course to a spot near Soissons.

By the thermometric "curve" of a disease is understood the general visual impression made by the graphic chart of a temperature recordthe course of a zigzag line connecting the points indicated by the various individual observations.

A dazzling zigzag flash of lightning, the first of the storm, and the Ramblin' Kid saw the filly struggling in the yellow wind-whipped current.

A long zigzag flight of steps down the side of the precipice was constructed, and it was covered by a wall that protected those who fetched water from arrows and bolts.

If any unequal settlement in the foundation of a brick building occurs, those long zigzag cracks with which we in London are only too familiar set themselves up at once; and if any undue load, or any variation in load, exists, the brickwork begins to bulge.

"BOB WHITE" I see you, on the zigzag rails, You cheery little fellow!

He travelled slowly and in a zigzag fashion, stealing cautiously around great masses of boulders, sniffing up each coulee that he came to, and investigating the timber clumps and windfalls.

The deer made three or four desperate leaps in a zigzag direction, and then went down.

The S. door is Norm., with the zigzag moulding on the jambs and arch, and a carved tympanum.

But as the zigzag panels of the rail fence crept behind him, and he felt the freedom of the morning beginning to act upon his well-trained blood, the mechanical manner of the old man's mind gave place to a mild exuberance.

His stockings were grey, and the famous cravat orange, with a zigzag pattern in blue.

Jacques looked back, as he walked, at the long zigzag shadows on the river.

His fingers flowed over the long guitar; the wild words broke out; he flung himself in little zigzag steps to right, to left; the wild chant stopped; once more spoke only the strings.

Over the brow of one of these, a zigzag streak of white marked the line of the mule-path.

The narrow, zigzag track of the deer and the buffaloes was the only beaten path through the prairie; and this could only be traveled by two or three horsemen abreast.

As you know, a trench is dug and built with sandbags in zigzag traverses.

So that, in the whole man, a sensitive observer would have felt a peculiar pathos, as though nature had given him a desire to be, and no power to become, and had then sent him on his zigzag way, never to dream wherein his trouble lay.

Pretty views may also be obtained from Park Road, a long zigzag ascent which finally joins the Lynton road.

They forsook the creeks where the yellow-leaved aspens fluttered their myriad little gleaming banners; they made slow, zigzag work of climbing a flinty-sided mountain; they looked back upon green meadow and gay poplar grove far below; they galloped their horses across a wide table-land over which shrilled the wind, already sharpened by the season for the work it had to do before many weeks passed.

Between these great corners of the curve climbed ridges of gray and heliotrope and amber, to meet wonderful veins of greengreen as the sea in sunlightand tracery of whiteand on the bold face of this amphitheater, high up, stood out a zigzag belt of dull red, the stain of which had run down to tinge the other hues.

There are zigzag cuttings and carvings, which I do not know how to name scientifically, round the arches of the doors and windows; but nothing that seems to have flowered out spontaneously, as natural incidents of a grand and beautiful design.

It was the fairest of summer forenoons (to me, I mean; by the almanac it was only the 5th of April), and one of the fairest of quiet landscapes: broad fields rising gently to the horizon, and before me, winding upward, a grassy lane open on one side, and bordered on the other by a deep red gulch and a zigzag fence, along which grew vines, shrubs, and tall trees.

HEUSCHRECKE, HOFRATH (i. e. State-Councillor Grasshopper), a loose, zigzag figure in "Sartor," a mend and blind admirer of Teufelsdröckh's, an incarnation of distraction distracted, and all the counsellor the "editor" had to advise him and encourage him in his work; a victim to "timidity" and preyed on by an uncomfortable sense of mere "physical cold," such as the majority of the State counsellors of the day were.

Through the trembling heat waves he seemed a mere moving dark spot; like an ant or a spider on its zigzag journey.

28 Words to use with  zigzag