990 collocations for abandoning

My first intention was to abandon all idea of going to the dance, but on reflection I came to the conclusion that I had better at least put in an appearance there.

It was on what long afterwards became Dominion Daythe 1st of Julythat the ruined American forces reassembled at Crown Point, having abandoned all hope of making Canada the Fourteenth Colony.

Either I would have to abandon my attempt to keep the men busy, or I would have to invoke the authority of Captain Selover.

The news of Windischgraetz's accession to power so alarmed the people that they at once decided to march upon the Castle; but one of the leading citizens, named Arthaber, persuaded them to abandon their intention, and instead to send him and another friend to ask for a constitution from the Emperor.

"I propose to abandon the place," replied Innes, "and to fall back to Winchester or some other point where our wounded may lie in safety and our men have opportunity to recover from the fatigues of the campaign.

He had abandoned his position, and although he pitched his camp on the hills in view of the Americans, when morning came he had moved still farther back.

He felt that in much of his speech the man was lying; that no consideration of mere unrequited affection had induced him to abandon his design.

This is sufficiently accounted for by the fact that he believed he could not be absolved without accepting the condemnation of his own views, and so abandoning the cause of humanity.

On the day after the XXth Corps became responsible for this front General Chetwode had a conference with Generals Barrow, Hill, and Girdwood, and after a full discussion of the situation in the hills decided to abandon the plan of getting on to the Jerusalem-Nablus road from the north in favour of attempting to take Jerusalem from the west and south-west.

James Wilson, a delegate of Pennsylvania and a Scotchman by birth and education, turning to the representatives of the little States, passionately said: "Will you abandon a country to which you are bound by so many strong and enduring ties?

After proceeding a few miles, all but my father, and greatly to his disappointment, changed their minds for some reason and abandoned the enterprise.

Think some plates broken; have abandoned ship.

It was agreed that Shidoub should receive the amount of the wagera hundred camels from the tribe of Fazarah, and that Hadifah should abandon his claims and refrain from all dispute.

Austria abandoned her project, and war was avoided.

The princess has abandoned her home!

But, abandoning the effort, she only kissed warmly the lips, and clasped long and tenderly the hands, that had never spoken a kind word or done a kind act for her.

The quails, prudently considering the hard times, abandoned all thought of pairing.

Had a woman wanted to abandon the peaceful life which was thus supported and carried on, the very framework itself would have resisted.

That the enemy had abandoned these posts even for a few moments seemed incredible, and yet it was all of the same piece with what we could see in their camp.

So I did not abandon the search until I had become fully satisfied that the thief is a more astute man than myself.

I don't remember what I said in reply; but I know I thought if Charles Lamb could be made aware of my real age he would abandon his Elia work and devote himself to me.

France had but one idea: to make the Entente abandon the principles it had proclaimed, and try to suffocate Germany, dismember her, humiliate her by means of a military occupation, by controlling her transports, confiscating all her available wealth, by raising to the dignity of elevated and highly civilized States inferior populations without national dignity.

On the morning of the 25th they could see something of the growing excitement in the city; the people abandoning their houses and flying across the river.

It may possibly take place before then, however, as the Faculty of Medicine are said to be rapidly abandoning the use of calomel.

At last they had come so near that I saw that I must abandon my horse.

990 collocations for  abandoning