321 collocations for abolish

In 1833, a man of great power and influence in the Gharb (province of Morocco), named El-Haj Mohammed Ben El-Arab, on a remonstrance of his slaves, who stated that the English had abolished slavery, and that they ought to have their liberty, called all his slaves together, to the number of seventy-two, and actually took the bold and generous resolution of liberating them.

We were very secret in these operations; for our unhappy country having then recently fallen under the subjection of the British nation, we apprehended that if we divulged our arcanum, they would not only fly away with all our treasures, whether found in palace or pagoda, but also carry off the inhabitants, to make them slaves in their colonies, as their government had not then abolished the African slave trade.

Christianity, as one of its distinguishing features, abolished all forms of outward sacrifice, as superstitious and useless.

So the I.W.W. says first, that the wage system is wrong and that it means to abolish that wage system.

Vibius was still in Rome raising levies and abolishing the laws of Antony.

We all know of course that we cannot abolish all the evils in this world by statute or by the enforcement of statutes, nor can we prevent the inexorable law of nature which decrees that suffering shall follow vice, and all the evil passions and folly of mankind.

He had already (in 1783), as we stated some time ago, abolished arbitrary punishment and instituted a Negro-magistracy; and since that time (in 1785) he had adopted the system of working by the piece.

He abolished the custom of selling the body of a debtor for debt, and even annulled debts in a state of general distress,which did not please the rich, nor even the poor, since they desired a redivision of lands such as Lycurgus had made in Sparta.

He issued a prohibition against the marriage of the clergy, and in a council at Rome abolished the right of investiture.

The Storthing appropriated the necessary funds for the expense of the coronation at Throndhjem (July 18, 1873), while the king sanctioned the bill abolishing the office of Statholder.

These principles, whenever they have been freely acted on, the Princeton professor admits, have abolished domestic bondage.

I am sent to the Court of Morocco by a Society of English gentlemen, whose object is to persuade all men, in all parts of the world, to abolish the traffic in human beings, as a traffic contrary to the rights of men and the laws of God.

Other parts operate like conventional stipulations between the States, abolishing between them all distinctions applicable to foreign powers and securing to the inhabitants of each State all the rights and immunities of citizens in the several States.

However, they all took the oath as they were directed, and, their sorrow being completely changed to wrath, followed the lead of Brutus, who from that time ceased not to call upon them to abolish the regal power.

When Congress abolished the African slave trade, it abolished SLAVERYsupreme slaverypower frantic with license, trampling a whole hemisphere scathed with its fires, and running down with blood.

Brompton, p. 1120.] Henry so far abolished the barbarous and absurd practice of confiscating ships which had been wrecked on the coast, that he ordained, if one man or animal were alive in the ship, that the vessel and goods should be restored to the owners [k].

The same spirit of humanity which has abolished the imprisonment of poor debtors at the caprice of their creditors has provided means for discharging, after a short imprisonment, persons held in prison for fines which they have no means of paying.

Assembly, parties in the, "the Right," "the Left," and "the Plain,"; abolishes all privileges August 4th, 1789; disorders in the; tyranny of the; meeting of the new.

It reveals a people who, without shedding a drop of blood, calmly and deliberately abolished one government, substituted another, and erected it upon foundations which have hitherto proved enduring.

He abolished many sacrifices, many horse-races, and some other spectacles, in an attempt to reduce expenses as far as possible.

"When he was told," said the Duke of Northumberland on August 10th, "that the people of England were very anxious to abolish the House of Lords, his reply was that they did not understand the question, and did not care two brass farthings about it."

"My friend," said I, as I gracefully described an imaginary aureole about my brain factory, "you abolish the poll-tax.

He would not abolish monastic institutions, but he would reform the lives of the monks,cure them of gluttony and sensuality, not shut up their monasteries.

These know how easy it is to raise social prejudice against a man by setting afloat the idea that he desires to "abolish marriage and the home".

And, for your encouragement, remember that "Christianity has abolished both political and domestic servitude whenever it has had free scope.

321 collocations for  abolish