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436 collocations for  acts

436 collocations for acts

Lee and Jevon also acted the parts of Scaramouch and Harlequin in Mountford's three act extravaganza, Dr. Faustus (4to 1697), but produced a decade earlier, probably November, 1685.

"I should think you would feel all the time as if you were acting a play yourself, Patty," said Elsie Morris, taking her seat at the prettily laid table.

" In "Sejanus his Fall," act iv. "Made to speak What they will have to fit their tyrannous wreak.

He must act new things, or go neer the sin, Reader, as neer as you and I have been: He must be that, which He that tryes will swear I[t] is not good being so another Yeare.

The legislative, executive, and judicial authorities are all in their handsthe preservation, propagation, and perpetuation of the black code of slaveryevery law of the legislature becomes a link in the chain of the slave; every executive act a rivet to his hapless fate; every judicial decision a perversion of the human intellect to the justification of wrong.

By simply coming to the Lord, I obtain help; and am sure, that while I continue to act faith in His power, I shall be helped.

"Assuredly: what man, in his entire senses, could act so irrationally?" "There is nothing on earth that exceeds this," said I. "No," said the Brahmin; "human folly is every where the same.

The sea is a sad, solemn reality, the theatre upon which the seaman acts his life's tragedy.

Sentences: Arrayed in all the of savages, they acted the scene out in .

"Well, Beth?" "Perhaps it will be worth while; but if I go into that woman's house I'll be acting a living lie.

What discipline, my lords, can be established by men, whom those who sometimes act the farce of obedience, know to be only phantoms of authority, and to be restrained by an arbitrary minister from the exercise of those commissions which they are invested with?

"Ef any one o' my husbands had acted the way you've acted, Abe Rose," began Mrs. Homan.

"What's happened?" "Well," began Rathson, "it all came out through young Bayley acting the fool and spraining his ankle.

" "In that respect, I leave you to act your pleasure, my dear sir.

On one occasion he actually guided a party to a cave on the sea-shore, amidst the rough rocks of Buchan, where it was rumoured that he was lying in concealment; and on another, when overtaken by his asthma, and utterly unable to escape from an approaching patrol of soldiers, he sat down by the wayside, and acted his assumed character

The boys built their own stage, painted their own scenery, and in winter once a week they acted classic dramas.

This hour was set apart in Apostolic times for joint prayer, "Now Peter and John went up into the Temple at the ninth hour of prayer" (Acts iii. 1).

On the Church's very birthday, when St. Peter preached the first Christian sermon, he had three texts and two of them were from the Psalms (Acts II.).

By acts their age too late would wish undone.

He's one of those heavy, consistent menquite stupid, of coursewho act their principles right out to the farthest detail.

BOY. Spectators, we will act a comedy: non plus. STAGEKEEPER.

Envy, spit thy gall; Plot, work, contrive; create new fallacies; Team from thy womb each minute a black traitor, Whose blood and thoughts have twin conception: Study to act deeds yet unchronicled; Cast native monsters in the moulds of men; Case vicious devils under sancted rochets; Unhasp the wicket, where all perjureds roost, And swarm this ball with treasons.

Four years later, 6 February, 1721, they were acting the same rรดles at this theatre, with Mrs. Cross as Bellemante, and Quin, Ryan, in the cast.

Some one's acting the spy.

The bright and good moments of our life ought to teach us how to act aright when we are melancholy and dull and stupid, by preserving the memory of their results; and the melancholy, dull, and stupid moments should teach us to be modest when we are bright.

He is like a fanatic, that contents himself with the mere title of a saint, and makes that his privilege to act all manner of wickedness; or the ruins of a noble structure, of which there is nothing left but the foundation, and that obscured and buried under the rubbish of the superstructure.

Someway he felt Carolyn June would resent it if she knew he was drawing wages for acting the lover to her.

" "One condition more, my Silver-arrowed, you must promise that you will use only means worthy of you, and that you will not act as would act such a ruffian as Ares, for instance, or even, speaking between ourselves, as acts our common father, the Cloud-gathering Zeus.

He persuaded the head boys to act this piece, and Ajax was performed by his master's gardener.

In this sense only is the word used in the New Testament.(See Luke i. 54, and Acts xx.

A most incomparable delight to build castles in the air, to go smiling to themselves, acting an infinite variety of parts, which they suppose, and strongly imagine, they act, or that they see done.

"While life is sweeping us forward," she replied, "we fancy that we are acting out our own impulses; we believe that we choose ourselves what we will do, and what we will enjoy.

To play or act the story of a selection helps to develop the imagination.

Thus I have once more been astonished to see that each character, except Clytemnestra, the linker of evil unto evil, has her exclusive Aristeia, so that each one acts an entire poem, and does not return later for the possible purpose of again burdening us with her affairs.

" Philip we have not spoken of; but he fills such a hateful niche in the historical gallery of the time, and the poet introduces him but to act his pitiful role, that we pass him by, though many of the grandest passages in the drama are those which give expression to Mary's passionate love for him, and her longing desire for an issue of their marriage, which afterwards culminates in her madness and death.

" After the departure of General Oglethorpe, he was President of the Council, and acting Governor from July 11, 1743, to April 8, 1757, when he was succeeded by Henry Parker, Esq.]

One evening we were acting charades.

You ain't acted square by me, an' I don't aim to do no more for you than if we was no kin.

The Marquis of , who acted the fly on the coach-wheel to the Right, went hither and thither, harangued, shouted, declaimed, remonstrated, proclaimed, and trembled.

This day one plays a monarch, the next a private person; here one acts a tyrant, on the morrow an exile; a parasite this man tonight, tomorrow a precisian; and so of divers others.

To do this, the surroundings must be such that none shall be conscious of restraint, but that every one, with homely ease, may act out his own peculiar nature.

He was enslaved by his vices, and by those who pandered to them; and he could not act either the king or the man.

The service was conducted by the Rev. Lewis Brown, rector of St. Paul's, and was followed by a Scottish Rite ceremony in charge of William Geake, Sr., of Fort Wayne, acting thrice potent master, and official head of the thirty-third degree in Indiana.

I pray, Master Philomusus, let me see you act a little of it.

"How queer he acts!

"What call had Johnnie Consadine got to come here and act the servant for them rich folks?runnin' around after Gray Stoddardand much good may it do her!" Mandy crowded herself back into the shadow of the dripping evergreens, and Shade went boldly up on the side porch.

In former times, as we read, Acts xxiii., the Sadducees denied that there were any such spirits, devils, or angels.

I have acted wrong" "Wrong, dearest Miss Van Cortlandt!"

Bailey says: "He most lives who thinks most, who feels the noblest, and who acts the best.

Here be we assembled: let us, then, be guided by our wisdom and our good faith to act in such sort that hatred stifle not reason, and affection distort not truth.

Nat gave in, not so much beaten as cowed and mortified, and never afterwards tried to act the bully on board.

Let me say boldly, I think these children have a deeper and a nearer claim on you; and that you must not pride yourselves, here in Liverpool, on acting the good Samaritan, when you help a ragged school.

Were one to raise a Suspicion of himself in a Man who passes upon the World for a fine Thing, in order to alarm him, one might say, if Lord Foppington were not on the Stage, (Cibber acts the false Pretensions to a genteel Behaviour so very justly), he would have in the generality of Mankind more that would admire than deride him.

I'm a very good Mimick; I can act Punchinello, Scaramoucho, Harlequin, Prince Prettyman, or anything.

"We stood on the stage," he writes to Stella, "and it was foolish enough to see the actors prompting every moment, and the poet directing them, and the drab that acts Cato's daughter (Mrs. Oldfield) out in the midst of a passionate part, and then calling out 'What's next?'" Lastly came the great Mr. Pope, with that poor, deformed body and brilliant mind.

Larch Cadmus was well fitted to act the leader of so desperate a company of men.

He then directed Gurzam, upon whose malicious counsel he had acted, to be brought before him, and the wicked minister was punished with death on the spot, and in the presence of the injured prince.

Colonel M'Leod, instead of being all life and gaiety, as I have seen him, was at present grave, and somewhat depressed by his anxious concern about M'Leod's affairs, and by finding some gentlemen of the clan by no means disposed to act a generous or affectionate part to their Chief in his distress, but bargaining with him as with a stranger.

It's a curious fact, but I have noticed that debtors always act kind o' cold to creditors, as if it was the creditors that owed the money.

Crusoe acts a conspicuous and humane partA friend gainedA great feast.

Then follow dismal streams of Lethe, in which the half-drenched on earth are constrained to drown downright, by wharfs where Ophelia twice acts her muddy death.

The Duchess also lay upon the grass, still as death; indeed, her heart had stopped its beat when Cosimo raised her, and bid her sternly to act the woman.

I can act the rumbling of a Wheel-barrow.

Pay In Advance!" Josiah acted real puggicky about it, he said he believed they had hearn we wuz comin' and got them signs printed for fear we would cheat 'em out of their pay or wuzn't able to pay.

But when I saw how nature dotes upon Italy, I felt as if she was only acting the step-mother to the rest of the world.

Miss Fenton, who acted Polly, becomes a universal favourite, nay, a furor.

Woe is the subject, Phil.;[80] earth the loath'd stage Whereon we act this feigned personage; Most like barbarians the spectators be, That sit and laugh at our calamity.

She acted jest as selfishsaid she'd like to know how I was goin' to inshore her that it wouldn't be twins agin same as 'twas before.

His absolute clarity where he has no occasion to act madness, goes for as little, for 'all madmen have their sane moments'!]

The Hungarian ministry requested the Archduke John to act us mediator.

A large amount of cash and supplies for the Austrian prisoners was sent to the American consul at Nish, who was also acting consul for Germany and Austria in Serbia.

For there is no difference between the NOUN, love; and the VERB, to love; but what is shown by the prefix TO, which signifies act; i. e. to act love.

this wasting form Seem a fit theatre for Levity To play his love-tricks on; and act such follies, As even in Affection's first bland Moon Have less of grace than pardon in best wedlocks?

But since so ill you act a brave design, Keep close your shame;fate makes the next turn mine.

Ann acted grumpy, was grumpy, especially early in the day, but there was no edge to it.

Nay, more than that, I can act a Sow and Pigs, Sausages a broiling, a Shoulder of Mutton a roasting: I can act a Fly in a Honey-pot.

The usurper would find himself in his proper element; and, after acting the patriot and the hero for a due season, as the only means of rescuing the country from the ruin which he had chiefly contributed to bring upon it, would reluctantly and modestly allow himself to be declared 'Protector of the Commonwealth.'

The officers got up a sort of play for my amusement, and Atkinson, or, as they called him, Betsy, acted the heroine of the piece.

Habit may be defined roughly as the tendency to act time after time in the same way.

" Barrow declares (269) that if Bushmen come across a Hottentot guarding his master's cattle, "not contented with putting him to immediate death, they torture him by every means of cruelty that their invention can frame, as drawing out his bowels, tearing off his nails, scalping, and other acts equally savage.

The intensest feeling of the beauty of a cloud lighted by the setting sun, is no hindrance to my knowing that the cloud is vapour of water, subject to all the laws of vapours in a state of suspension; and I am just as likely to allow for, and act on, these physical laws whenever there is occasion to do so, as if I had been incapable of perceiving any distinction between beauty and ugliness.

He must always act the complete Federal when with federals, so that no suspicion should attach to him.

Not more than thirty persons, he added, act as a controlling force on these three irresponsible sovereigns, who might assume, on their own initiative, the most terrible responsibilities.

Oh how can we Thine acts foretell, When Thou are far more wise than we?

It had been carefully concealed from the knowledge of Fairfax, who, if he was not duped by the hypocrisy of the lieutenant-general and his friends, carefully suppressed his suspicions, and acted as if he believed his brother officers to be animated with the same sentiments as himself, an earnest desire to satisfy the complaints of the military, and at the same time to prevent a rupture between them and the parliament.

When I remember the gay boldness, the graceful solemn plausibility, the measured step, the insinuating voiceto express it in a wordthe downright acted villany of the part, so different from the pressure of conscious actual wickedness,the hypocritical assumption of hypocrisy,which made Jack so deservedly a favourite in that character, I must needs conclude the present generation of play-goers more virtuous than myself, or more dense.

Now it was a very different matter, when lying warm and snug in bed, to talk about acting the ghost, from what it was, when standing shivering in the cold and darkness, to put the project into execution.

They act as beings under the constant sense of some known inferiority, that fills their minds with rancour, and their tongues with censure.

He hasn't acted a mite like that since, and I guess he said it just to hush up Aunt Jane, and make her stop arguing the matter.

He is in the artillery, and he acted out the whole battle.

"It was just a moment's idle fancyjust as we've chaffed one another a hundred times; and for the Blockhead, it is the boys' pet old stock charade that they've acted scores of times.

Having instincts for government which he could not satisfy, he laid the blame for this on his family and on life, and thus thwarted, his character had grown tyrannical so that he acted the despot unconsciously to those nearest to him, as a right and duty that could not be disputed.

Plain and simple You must declare you, whether you determine To act a treason 'gainst your Lord and Sovereign, Or whether you will serve him faithfully.

This, the Justice says, they must expect, since they could not be contented to act Heathen Warriors, and such Fellows as Alexander, but must presume to make a Mockery of one of the Quorum.

Nor was it in the pulpit only that he acted the politician.

And in this point, fortune generally acts directly contrary to nature; for in nature we find, that bodies full of life and spirits mount easily, and are hard to fall, whereas heavy bodies are hard to rise, and come down with greater velocity, in proportion to their weight; but we find fortune every day acting just the reverse of this.

But while, with a curious eye, I was beholding these wretches, my spirits sunk within me, when I perceived them drag two miserable creatures from the boats, to act afresh the dreadful tragedy, as I supposed they had done before.

But I noticed Blandina wuz beginin' to act restless and looked at her watch, and finally she said that Professor Todd had promised to meet her at the Anthropometric Display.

"I had supposed every thing was settled some time ago," I observed, quietly; "however, I will not bore you with conjectures or questions, I shall hear every thing, of course, when the proper time comes; until then, I shall hope to act out Milton's noble line, and 'stand and wait.'

You have acted shamefully, cruelly, Caroline, and I will tell you what I think, angry as it may make you.