436 collocations for acts

Lee and Jevon also acted the parts of Scaramouch and Harlequin in Mountford's three act extravaganza, Dr. Faustus (4to 1697), but produced a decade earlier, probably November, 1685.

"I should think you would feel all the time as if you were acting a play yourself, Patty," said Elsie Morris, taking her seat at the prettily laid table.

" In "Sejanus his Fall," act iv. "Made to speak What they will have to fit their tyrannous wreak.

He must act new things, or go neer the sin, Reader, as neer as you and I have been: He must be that, which He that tryes will swear I[t] is not good being so another Yeare.

The legislative, executive, and judicial authorities are all in their handsthe preservation, propagation, and perpetuation of the black code of slaveryevery law of the legislature becomes a link in the chain of the slave; every executive act a rivet to his hapless fate; every judicial decision a perversion of the human intellect to the justification of wrong.

By simply coming to the Lord, I obtain help; and am sure, that while I continue to act faith in His power, I shall be helped.

"Assuredly: what man, in his entire senses, could act so irrationally?" "There is nothing on earth that exceeds this," said I. "No," said the Brahmin; "human folly is every where the same.

The sea is a sad, solemn reality, the theatre upon which the seaman acts his life's tragedy.

Sentences: Arrayed in all the of savages, they acted the scene out in .

"Well, Beth?" "Perhaps it will be worth while; but if I go into that woman's house I'll be acting a living lie.

What discipline, my lords, can be established by men, whom those who sometimes act the farce of obedience, know to be only phantoms of authority, and to be restrained by an arbitrary minister from the exercise of those commissions which they are invested with?

"Ef any one o' my husbands had acted the way you've acted, Abe Rose," began Mrs. Homan.

"What's happened?" "Well," began Rathson, "it all came out through young Bayley acting the fool and spraining his ankle.

" "In that respect, I leave you to act your pleasure, my dear sir.

On one occasion he actually guided a party to a cave on the sea-shore, amidst the rough rocks of Buchan, where it was rumoured that he was lying in concealment; and on another, when overtaken by his asthma, and utterly unable to escape from an approaching patrol of soldiers, he sat down by the wayside, and acted his assumed character

The boys built their own stage, painted their own scenery, and in winter once a week they acted classic dramas.

This hour was set apart in Apostolic times for joint prayer, "Now Peter and John went up into the Temple at the ninth hour of prayer" (Acts iii. 1).

On the Church's very birthday, when St. Peter preached the first Christian sermon, he had three texts and two of them were from the Psalms (Acts II.).

By acts their age too late would wish undone.

He's one of those heavy, consistent menquite stupid, of coursewho act their principles right out to the farthest detail.

BOY. Spectators, we will act a comedy: non plus. STAGEKEEPER.

Envy, spit thy gall; Plot, work, contrive; create new fallacies; Team from thy womb each minute a black traitor, Whose blood and thoughts have twin conception: Study to act deeds yet unchronicled; Cast native monsters in the moulds of men; Case vicious devils under sancted rochets; Unhasp the wicket, where all perjureds roost, And swarm this ball with treasons.

Four years later, 6 February, 1721, they were acting the same rôles at this theatre, with Mrs. Cross as Bellemante, and Quin, Ryan, in the cast.

Some one's acting the spy.

The bright and good moments of our life ought to teach us how to act aright when we are melancholy and dull and stupid, by preserving the memory of their results; and the melancholy, dull, and stupid moments should teach us to be modest when we are bright.

436 collocations for  acts