1098 collocations for admire

And in a while as the moon rose she brought him into that bower he well remembered and bade him admire the beauty of her many flowers, and he, viewing her loveliness alway, praised the flowers exceeding much yet beheld them not at all, wherefore she chid him, and yet chiding, yielded him her scarlet mouth.

And so I had; for I did nothing but admire its Handy-work, but I cou'd not have pray'd heartily, if I had been dying; but

We all admire the man who has observed, and can state, accurately.

She admired his courage in this , perceived his in the crime, and deplored his participation in the .

Now, I admire a woman who has confidence in herself.

XI RETROSPECT DO you never, while occupying a dental chair and deploring the necessity that drives you to that uncomfortable seat, admire the skill of the dentist in the use of his instruments?

You and I crossed the very field on a certain New Year's Day, and lingered to admire the almost unrivalled view of the Campagna, the mountains, and Rome, which it affords.

We used to make evening trips over to that flat merely for the joy of admiring these thingsour things; the first we had ever possessed.

Cousin Bella, (admiring picture.)

I admire your spirit.

CRUCIFIXION OF EBN BAKIAH Whatever thy fate, in life and death, Thou'rt doom'd above us still to rise, Whilst at a distance far beneath We view thee with admiring eyes.

Is it possible you can be thus for ever employed; and I, loving narrative letter-writing above every other species of writing, and admiring your talent that way, should not (thus upon the dawn of my happiness, as I presume to hope) burn with a desire to be admitted into so sweet a correspondence?

On the return of the travellers, a few days before they commenced their journey to the capital, John laughingly told his uncle that, although he himself greatly admired the taste of Mr. Peter Johnson in dress, yet he doubted whether the present style of fashions in the metropolis would not be scandalized by the appearance of the honest steward.

She looked up to him, in a kind of admiring maternal way; Edith often wondered, did she not see Aylmer's devotion?

But I observe that in his "History of Europe" Alison quotes Lamartine oftener than any other French writer, and evidently admires his genius, and throws no doubt on the general fidelity of his works.

Knowing what we dofrom Dowden's Shelley and other sourcesit is not possible greatly to admire Godwin's character, nor is the second Mrs. Godwin a subject for enthusiasm; but the part played by them in the Lambs' literary life was extremely valuable.

Almost as soon as a French baby (a girl, be it understood) is born, its first instinct is to stretch out its tiny hands for a mirror, in which to admire its beautiful little face and its graceful movements.

To admire power for its own sake is one of those errors, which has been well called Titanolatry, the worship of giants.

MELISSA particularly admired JOHN'S manner of ironing.

She undertook a voyage to Constantinople for no other end than to obtain a knowledge of the true God, and there she received baptism at the hands of the patriarch Polyeuctes; the emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus himself, who admired her wisdom, being her godfather.

Every aid which they can render the Allies without violating national neutrality is being given, not because they do not admire the German people, but because the destruction of the present German Government is regarded as the essential first step in enabling the German people to return to the place of honour they once held in the world.

"I rather admire his pluck.

Therefore her gossip interested me, and as the golden sunset flooded the handsome old room I sat listening to her, inwardly admiring her innate grace and handsome countenance.

As she left the room, under a fusillade of admiring glances, she leaned on her father's arm, trembling but resolute.

A fearful deed frees the youth and throws him into the company of the lovely maiden, Pegeen, and admiring friends.

1098 collocations for  admire