667 collocations for advise

Aristotle, sage as he was, advises young men to apply themselves early to it; and Plato finds in it something divine.

Thus, in that age of darkness, were two most eminent philosophers reduced to beggary, and constrained to wander in remote and insalubrious regions; the one for advising a king, the other for instructing an emperor.

But tongues must be stopped, and I have now to advise thee how this may be accomplished.

He personally visited the various provinces, advising the people to husband their harvests.

Those, therefore, who advised his majesty to assert to the senate what they knew from no better authority, those whose daring insolence could make their sovereign instrumental in alarming the people with false terrours, and oppressing them with unnecessary burdens, well deserve to feel a senatorial censure.

Wise old Rodriguez advises readers of spiritual books to observe a hen drinking and to imitate her slow and deliberate sipping, by reading in small quantities, with pauses.

Even at that moment I advised my Mussalman friends not to give way to despair, but to express their fear and their hopes in a disciplined manner.

The Ottoman Armenians, they said, would do their duty as Ottoman subjects during the war, but they advised the Government to preserve peace if that were still possible.

If I advise any persons to claim these things, they may truly accuse me.

I could advise no client to plead guilty to wilful murder.

A South German newspaper advised "German wives and maidens to avoid wearing striking costumes, dresses and hats.

I begin to think, perhaps, it's all nonsense; perhaps Colonel George never" "Never meant to take possession of Castlewood; never gave himself airs, and patronised us there; never advised my mother to have me flogged; never intended to marry her; never insulted me, and was insulted before the King's officers; never wrote to his brother to say that we should be the better for his parental authority?

All advised the one measure of giving full authority to Dawson and of trusting to his energy and skill.

Although I have given these rules for those who are determined to use the cold bath with their children, yet, for fear I shall be misunderstood, I must be suffered to repeat, in this place, that, uninformed as people generally are in regard to physiology, I cannot advise even its moderate use.

Quintilian advises students of rhetoric against imitating the style of the historians because it is too much like that of the poets.

Tarentum, the chief city among them, was almost totally controlled by a party which advised a peaceful submission to the Roman conquerors.

Cavour now followed up these successes by advising a course calculated to give them consistency and endurance.

Johnson said, that he had advised his Lordship, that as it was in vain to contend with those who were in possession of power, if they would offer him the rank of Lieutenant-General, and a government, it would be better judged to desist from urging his complaints.

Patsy was positively weeping, and the Major blew his nose vigorously and advised his daughter to "dry up an' be sinsible."

Now the bo'sun cried out to the boy to take another oar, and get ashore while still he had chance, and at that we all called out various things, one advising one thing, and another recommending some other; yet our advice was vain, for the boy moved not, at which some cried out that he was stunned.

It advised all parties to encamp and await his return for the purpose of showing them a better way than through the cañon of Webber River, stating that he had found the road over which he was then piloting a train very bad, and feared other parties might not be able to get their wagons through the cañon leading to the valley of the Great Salt Lake.

A French critic advised poets to compose the second line of the couplet first.

" "I am glad you think so, doctor," cried the delighted Mr. Haughton; I was afraid I recollected your advising your son never to dance nor to play at games of chance.

Talleyrand had been guilty of such extortion in the peace with Austria and with Bavaria that he was complained against by those Powers and therefore removedit was he who advised the war with Spain, and prevented N. from seeing the Duke d'Enghien, whom he thought a "brave jeune homme," and wished to see.

Shew your small Talent, and let that suffice ye; But grow not vain upon it, I advise ye.

667 collocations for  advise
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